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Something Wonderful Is About To Happen...

Good day,

"Something wonderful is about to happen and there's nothing you can do about

This is the message from the angelic realm given to Joseph Crane, GW Hardin
and many others, speaking of a promised and imminent return of earth to the
Edenic state. This is not a religious message. It is a message from an
other-dimensional realm with very specific guidance on what is happening at
the larger level and how to cooperate with it. This also seems to coincide
with many other teachings, including Dr. Carl Calleman's "Transformation of
Consciousness and the Mayan Calendar."

In fact, as you know, we've focused our Concordances since May of 2006 on
celebrating the return of the Divine Feminine. This year-long process
culminated in the Breakthrough Celebration where nearly 500,000 people
around the world joined in a common intention for peace and harmony for a
two week celebration of the Divine Feminine:

The month after we began this process, in June of 2006, a small group of 222
people came together, at the guidance of the angels, in a sacred geometric
formation. All present witnessed a purple flame of light and a powerful
embodiment of the Divine Feminine from the angelic realm known as Shekinah.
"Holy laughter broke out at the decent of this Being of Oneness, as a sign
of her presence, for the Shekinah can only dwell in joy and wisdom,"
comments GW Hardin, one of the event organizers. "The decent of the Shekinah
comes with the potential for a greater world where peace shall reign and
suffering shall end."

There is much more to tell, but the end point is that we will be
collaborating with the organizers of the Eden Event and the angelic realm
over the next year. Included will be the global Deeksha community and
thousands of other groups around the world. Through the global audience of
InfinityAffinity and CommonPassion, we will amplify the influence of their
"Gate of Grace" by adding our energy and intention to seeing this remarkable
process into being. Here's how to learn more:

1. Attend the Tree of Life Conference In Utah September 7-10, 2007. I'll be
teaching a class on the Art and Science of Co-creation on Sept. 8 and
sharing a roundtable discussion with the organizers of the Eden event. This
weekend is about opening to grace and co-creating the next Eden event in
late June of 2008. Please join us:

Please feel free to forward this invitation to your list.

2. Study the Angelic Sacred Geometry here...fascinating!

3. Read these books:

On Wings of Heaven, by Joseph Crane and GW Hardin
The Masters Return, by Joseph Crane and GW Hardin
Indigo Rising (3 books), by GW Hardin

4. Stay tuned for more announcements in the coming weeks as we develop the
plan for involving 144,000 people worldwide in a global Eden Event on June
21, 2008, where heaven and earth become as one.

A final note, through we will announce a "30 Days of
Peace: A Celebration of Oneness" program, September 11 through Oct. 10,
2007. Infinity members will be invited to participate regularly through
global Concordances and TeleConcordances. 

Our goal is to have five million people around the world participating in
"30 Days of Peace."

Please help by spreading the New Vibe!

All my best,
Joseph R. Giove

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