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teleconference 2nd line add for this morning

in case the line is full, we've added a second line:
Namaste ,
Updates, we have added a 2nd line
the dial in number is 1-712-429-0700 and the access code is 140854#
On behalf of all of us on this wonderful call, I'd like to thank you for
joining us.
We are very grateful to have such wonderful folks calling in from all over
the world both as speakers and as participants. To help make these call
reach as many people as possible in a helpful way, we greatly welcome any
feed back after the call and suggestions as far as topics and guests for
future calls!
For now enjoy this Saturday's call!
We are planning to record the call and make it accessible to folks after
You van email us any questions ahead of time, so we can cover them during
the call.
The dial in and access number are below.
Thank you so very much and see you Saturday.
Arthur and "the gang"
Some simple logistic,
The lines will open 10 minutes early
It is best to mute your line when not speaking, this greatly cuts down on
the static and noise on the call.
To Mute your phone hit *6
we also have some wonderful photos of some of the Lamas from Bodhgaya at
and a wonderful Healing meditations at
Joseph Giove

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