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Announcing: 30 Days of Peace beginning September 11, 2007

Good day,

I am very excited to announce that the CommonPassion Web site is now taking
registrants for the 30 Days of Peace: A Celebration of Oneness. 

The center point of this 30 day period is September 21st, International
Peace Day, sanctioned by the UN, with last year having over 20 million
people and close to 3,000 groups involved in peaceful activities. This year
we are adding a clear consciousness-based activity of global, coherent

***You can be an instrumental part of making this program a huge success.***

Infinity members, CommonPassion, Culture of Peace Initiative, Association
for Global New Thought, World Peace Prayer Society, the global deeksha
community, Gaia Field Project, Earthdance and thousands of other groups
around the world are joining together in a magnificent celebration of
oneness, through song, dance, meditation and prayer. As with the
Breakthrough Celebration this past May, we will all share a common intention
agreement for peace and harmony.

Please forward this invitation to your friends and colleagues. In fact, I
respectfully ask you to become proactive in helping us promote this program.
All the information is on the CommonPassion site; just refer people there
with your personal note about why you'd like them to join us:

Our goal is 5 million people involved throughout the 30 Day period, all
performing their own spiritual practice but sharing a common intention for
world peace. 

I will be setting forth a schedule for us at InfinityAffinity to participate
through our Concordances. However, you may want to register also on the
CommonPassion site if you want to know what other groups are doing. If you
registered on the CommonPassion site for the Breakthrough Celebration, you
do not have to register again, unless you are organizing your own group
specifically for 30 Days of Peace. In which case, please register there and
let us know what your group will do.


IMPORTANT: We immediately need your input on the shared intention agreement
for this 30 Days of Peace program. We've established a discussion forum to
hear your ideas and allow you to discuss them with others. Please
immediately visit and tell us what you think/feel:


I thank you sincerely for your help and involvement. Recently a
spiritual-business colleague told me of his business school professor
advising him as a young man, "Think big, then think bigger." At we've been thinking bigger and bigger, together, since
1999. Let's make this 30 Days of Peace Program the biggest impact yet on
co-creating a world of peace and harmony. us spread the New Vibe!

All my best,
Joseph R. Giove

PS. If there is any way to make the Tree of Life Conference in Utah this
week (September 7-9), please do. It will be a remarkable learning and
opening to Grace experience:

Remember what the angels are saying: "Something wonderful is about to happen
and there's nothing you can do about it."

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