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Good day,

In the next couple weeks we'll be releasing the individual and group profile
submission forms on the web site so you can let us know
precisely what, where, when and how you will be participating in the May
Breakthrough events (May 15 -29). We're automating as much of this as
possible because the response has been huge, and it's getting bigger by the
day: Already about 150,000 to 200,000 people have
agreed to participate. We'll have over one million people by May 15th...with
your help!
We are creating an easy way for people around the world to collaborate in
these events, share information about what they're doing, what's working in
their communities and exchange project ideas...all the while capturing this
critical information for our meditation-prayer studies. So please tell your
associates and friends about what we're up to. You can download and send
them the PDF Intro Flyers in the "Participate" section or just refer them to
the site. They can sign up now and will be notified when the full enrollment
systems are in place. Since we'll do these events regularly, you'll also be
notified of upcoming events.
If you have spare time, here are some volunteer activities we could sure use
some help with:
1. Detailed research on four areas we'll be including as choices for our
geographic targets for the meditation-prayer intervention. They are:
Darfur, the Sudan region
New Orleans
Of course, world peace will be a choice too, but these are more specific
areas that need our help now. There are many more areas but this is where we
will focus for the May event. One or two may be added as we obtain crime
data for other target areas. The above four areas will be the target of our
"consciousnesses activity" even if we can't obtain crime statistics.
If we get more than one volunteer to study and report on an area, I will
link them together for a cooperative effort. 
What we'd like to do is feature each of these areas on a
MySpace page complete with video footage, comments by people in these area,
links to key activism sites, pictures, personal interviews, key news
reports, etc. The idea is to bring a rounded awareness to all participants
in the May events so as to make their involvement meaningful, personal,
compassionate and powerful. There is plenty already on the Web and from
humanitarian organizations that we can use; it's just a matter of
researching that out, getting copyright approval and making a heartening
online depiction. We'll link to these stories on the CommonPassion web site.
Eventually this MySpace activity will be entirely contained in our site.
This will take some diligent, thoughtful effort, and we'd like these four
areas covered and posted by April 24th. If we can get multiple people
working together around the globe, it should not be too much a burden on any
one person. I'll select a team leader for each area and work closely with
that person for more detailed requirements.
If you are in a position to help, have the time and inclination, please let
me hear from you. I sincerely appreciate it.
2. We need help raising money for our projects. Do you or anyone you know
have experience fund raising for projects like this? They can be paid out of
the funds they raise. If you know of anyone, please let me know. If you are
in a position yourself to give to the cause, please go to the Donate section
on the site. Every donation, small or large is greatly
Thank you again. You'll be hearing from me as we make progress over the next
All my best,
Joseph Giove 
PS. Please excuse delays in my email replies to you. Sometimes I get
overwhelmed with emails and it takes me days to catch up. Also, you may be
on multiple lists and get this message more than once; so sorry, but we're
trying to cover all the bases :-)

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