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I AM A BALANCED WORLD IN MY HEART: Concordance 5.26.06 & 5.27.06

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Our work together is about to take a quantum leap forward.  You will reap
immense personal rewards by participating in this global Concordance.  It
will take a few minutes of preparation but I assure you it will be worth it.
You will be doing yourself, your community and our world an act of service
of immeasurable value.
This Friday evening May 26 and Saturday May 27 (depending on your time
zone), and every 20 days until May 22, 2007, we will create coherence around
a very exciting and timely matter: various themes around the living
manifestation of balanced feminine-masculine aspects.  Dr Carl Calleman
calls it a Breakthrough Celebration.  You can find Breakthrough events
happening in your area here:

The Concordance below reveals the beautiful synergy of these great cosmic
principles - the feminine and the masculine - when they are joined *in us*.
This alchemical marriage is the gateway to our own personal fulfillment and
to an age of enlightenment.  Please participate and help us spread the new
vibe immediately to those who have an affinity for the greater possibilities
of the human spirit.
The following Concordance is designed to awaken that feminine-masculine
balance *in us*.  It helps us invoke the Mother-Father Presence *in us*.  It
is about opening us to become suitable vessels for greater livingness on all
levels, in every dimension of our lives.  We will realize our inner beauty,
born of paradoxically-balanced opposites, and live in the world with it,
each and every moment.  We become anchors for this balance in the
consciousness field shared by billions of others.

You may feel it in your body.  You may reach new heights in your own
personal evolution.  You may heal.  You may realize an existing connectivity
with the rest of your world that humbles and empowers you at the same time.

This is your call today. Please participate. 

Join us in co-creating a positively-intentioned world of living balance.

All my best,
Joseph Giove (aka Flesymi)

***PS*** This weekend will also be the first time I will guide the global
Concordance via free teleconferences ("TeleConcordance" in the future),
details below.  If any of you are leading groups or Breakthrough Celebration
events in your area, I urge you to get on the teleconferences early and
broadcast it over a speaker phone or your venue's audio system.  For this
event I can only accommodate 100 people, so if you want to tune in, do it


Let's Create a New Vibe:

*A MUST READ*..."Entangled Minds," available at Amazon, by Dean Radin, PhD,
Senior Research Scientist at Institute of Noetic Sciences.  Dean explores
the collective phenomenon we at have employed and
enjoyed.  He reveals the physical reality behind our uncanny telepathic
experiences and debunks myths surrounding our innate psi talents.  Dean has
brought psychic phenomenon into mainstream science and reveals fascinating
and elegant experiments he and others have performed.  I highly recommend
Dean's work, including his prior book, "The Conscious Universe."  He also
has some very cool psychic tests and games at, a worthy
organization to support.




We will be creating a wave of compassion and balance energy around the globe
at three specific times.  The guided meditation via teleconferences (3) will
be at these same times.  Please feel free to join us at any or all times:

PST: 9 PM on May 26, 3 AM and 9 AM on May 27

EST: All times May 27: 12 AM, 6 AM, 12 PM

European Central Time: All times May 27: 6.00, 12.00, 18.00

Corresponding times for the rest of the world:

NUMBER TO CALL for free teleconferences (TeleConcordances):
1-641-696-6600 (Iowa, US)

Access Code: 0101019

Important NOTES:

- Teleconference will start promptly at appointed times; please call 5 to 10
minutes early.  
- Teleconferences are limited to 100 people. Please try to call in groups on
speaker phones.  
- Speaker phone or headset is advisable; driving or operating machinery is
- When you get on the call, please announce your first name and city,
state/province and country.


First, you may want to re-acquaint yourself with right-brain, left-brain
attributes.  The right brain is thought to be more "feminine" and the left
brain more "masculine" but in reality we all exhibit characteristics of
both.  A balanced individual AND a society maintain a balance of these
characteristics in both her/his/its inner and outer worlds.  This balance
MUST be intended.  Please review here:

Since we are acting as collective psychological and energetic anchors in
this Concordance, it's best that we adopt this intended balance on a
continual basis.  We will use the times above as synchronizing signposts to
create coherence with others around the world.

When performing the Concordance, remember that you are also connecting with
others around the world *at the very same moment.* Simultaneously sharing
mental and emotional "space" in the consciousness field, you -- in that
moment -- foster coherence.

Through this coherence and our positive intentions, we increase the
probability that others will sympathetically resonate with that internal
balance as well.  Their subsequent thoughts, perceptions and actions will
exhibit characteristics more consistent with our Concordance.  This is
progress toward social harmony and coherence at the most fundamental level,
and requires no political organizing power, rules or laws to enact or
enforce it.  A true democracy is SELF government.

***CONCORDANCE***   TWO STEPS, 25 minutes

You may move to your meditative or prayer state as you're accustomed to;
however, everyone performing the recommended practice offered below will
enhance the intended effect.  Diksha givers may direct their intention
toward the global consciousness field and all the inhabitants of Gaia.
Remember as you perform the Concordance stay aware of your continual
connectivity to the group.

It may be helpful to record the Concordance on an audio tape or CD so you
can just follow along instead of remembering the steps and the guided
journey.  You may also read the Concordance verbatim to your group.


This powerful practice instantly increases physical, mental, emotional and
energetic balance.  It takes the form of an easy sitting posture, with arms
and legs crossed, while repeating a special Sanskrit mantra.

Here's the balancing process, which we will do for about 5 minutes before
moving onto to STEP TWO, "The Journey to Equilibria."

1.  While sitting with spine erect, cross your left ankle over your right
2.  Extend both arms straight out in front of you.  
3.  Cross your right arm over your left arm at the wrist.  
4.  Rotate the palms of your hands so that they are facing, and interlock
your fingers.  
5.  Rotate your hands down towards your stomach.  
6.  Continue rotating inward so that you bring your hands up close to your
chest.  At this point you have crossed the centerline of your body with your
hands, legs and arms.  
7.  Breath naturally in and out of your nose.  
8.  Looking straight ahead, with head level, look up with your eyes at about
a 20 degree angle.  Keep your eyes open and fixed on a spot or an object or
wall in front of you.  
9.  Repeat this mantra preferably aloud for approximately *2 minutes*, while
*feeling* the connectivity with others in your MindBody: Om Hum So Hum (OM
10.  Continue repeating "Om Hum So Hum" while you reverse the cross of your
arms and legs and continue with eyes closed, but still staring up, for about
*2 more minutes*.
11.  Discontinue the mantra repetition, relax your eyes, uncross your legs
and arms, sit erect, balanced and evenly.  Feel the smoothness of your
breath.  The calmness in your mind.  Tune into the sensation of balance in
your body right now.  Feel the balance between the right and left sides of
your body, and between your hands...  eyes...  ears...  nostrils...
shoulders...  elbows...
knees...  feet.  Spend *1 minute* just feeling your body from the *inside*.

12.  Continue with closed, relaxed eyes and bring this sense of balance with
you on the "Journey to Equilibria" described below in STEP TWO.


1.  Bring to mind the many others who are doing this Concordance at this
very moment.  Imagine where they are around the world. They will be in their
own homes, offices, yoga studios, gardens or community rooms.  See or feel
that there are women, men and children all sharing a special place that's in
space, yet not.  In time, yet not.  In our minds, yet in an outer reality
too.  Stay here for *1 minute*.

2.  See or imagine all the FEMALES in your life: the elders, the youngsters
and everyone in between.  Gracefully release any judgments, just imagine
your family, friends, associates, co-workers and strangers you passed by
today.  FEMALES you saw but didn't see you.  Imagine the many others who saw
you but you didn't notice.  Imagine even further all the FEMALES in your in your in your world...all 3+ billion of
them.  Bring all of them into your heart and mind.  See/feel the immense
FEMININE power as it exists in this very moment.  Stay here for *2 minutes*.

3.  See or imagine all the MALES in your life: the elders, the youngsters
and everyone in between.  Gracefully release any judgments, just imagine
your family, friends, associates, co-workers and strangers you passed by
today.  MALES you saw but didn't see you.  Imagine the many others who saw
you but you didn't notice. Imagine even further all the MALES in your in your in your world...all 3+ billion of
them.  Bring all of them into your heart and mind.  See/feel the immense
MASCULINE power as it exists in this very moment.  Stay here for *2

4.  Bring all these FEMININE and MASCULINE aspects into your heart and mind
simultaneously.  Now include the FEMININE-MASCULINE aspects of all life
forms on earth into your heart and mind.  See/feel *NOW* the immense
bio-psychic life force throbbing in the biosphere this very moment.  Realize
that you are an integral part of this immense, balanced, living orb.  Stay
here for *2 minutes*.

5.  Imagine now that you have a zoom lens in your mind's eye, and can "zoom
out" so you can see or feel the earth from a distance, against the starry
background of outer space.  Back on planet Earth are our six-and-a-half
billion soul mates, half of them asleep, the other half engrossed in various
activities; all creating an incalculable number of human interactions per the speed of thought.  You can see specks of light, like fairy
dust, where each of us involved in this Concordance dance around the planet,
forming a web of light illuminating nodes of brilliant heart-minds.
See/feel this web of light surge and grow stronger by our collective
intention that it do so.  As this web grows brighter and more powerful,
see/feel its balancing influence, spreading to *every*thing* on the planet:
all humans, animals, fish and plants; the oceans, seas, lakes and streams;
the atmosphere and all the way down to the center of the earth.

Spontaneous images, visions or feelings may arise of various aspects of your
world moving suddenly and gracefully into balance and harmony.  It may be at
a personal or community level, or both.  Encourage and amplify these images
and feelings, seeing them in brilliant colors, intense sounds and smells,
images moving slowly and in great detail.  Stay here *2 minutes*.

6.  Zoom out even further.  You can see our living sun, the other planets,
even other galaxies far away.  The world is so small now that it fits in the
palm of your hand.  Put Earth in the palm of your *RIGHT* hand and smile to
our bright and balanced world.  Now smile to the sun.  Smile to the solar
system.  Smile to the galaxy.  Smile to the Universe.

7.  Now transfer that bright and shiny earth to the tip of your *LEFT* index
finger, as if you are balancing a glowing crystal sphere on the tip of your

8.  Now place the shiny Earth in your heart by physically touching your
heart area with your *LEFT* index finger.  Press hard enough to feel a
strong pressure, which you will remember later.  Feel the grandest love,
compassion and gratitude for Earth and all her inhabitants.  Stay here in
silence for at least *5 minutes* with a smile on your face, remembering your
present connection with all others.

9.  Count slowly from 1 up to 10, starting at 1 with a very soft voice, then
raising it slowly with each count so that you are speaking at a normal
volume by the count of 10.  Each increasing number signifying greater
resolve for balance in every dimension and aspect of your world.  Open your
eyes at the count of ten.  Stretch your body.  Appreciate your fellow
Infinity members.

10.  Go about your day or night with a smile on your face, the world in your
heart and balance in your step.


About the "Om Hum So Hum Mantra" and Balanced Breathing Process: 

Since Sanskrit is thought to be one of the oldest languages, this incredibly
powerful mantra has been vibrationally embedded in the consciousness field
for thousands of years.  It has been voiced billions, perhaps trillions, of

"There is no direct translation for this mantra.  It is concerned with
energy, breath and the placement of consciousness.  It is one of the
simplest and yet most powerful mantras for permanently altering your state
of consciousness.  It balances the masculine and feminine energies and
focuses their combined force."  From "Healing Mantras" by Thomas Ashley

Thank you Infinity Member Stacey Kardash for providing this mantra.  Stacey
is a Meditation and Yoga Instructor in Calgary, Canada:

The Balanced Breathing posture is compliments of Dr.  Peter Lambrou, author
of "Instant Emotional Healing," another highly recommended book available on


Please print this email for your use this weekend.
This Concordance in PDF format is available by emailing 

Please forward to your own affinity list immediately, and when you do,
please remove the >>> marks as a courtesy to the next reader.

Permission granted to copy freely provided this full email and sources are

By Joseph R. Giove (aka Flesymi)


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