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A Global Coherence Task Force: Update 06.07.06

Good day from,
I am writing to you today to describe how we maximize our positive impact in
the world.

First, thank you for participating in our last Concordance on May 26/27.
We'll be conducting the next one on June 16/17. You'll receive the
Concordance, which will also be available via teleconference, in the next
couple days. My apologies for anyone who couldn't hear on the first
TeleConcordance this past May 26; however, the rest of the TeleConcordances
went well. The bugs are worked out now and we're ready for the next one.
As you know, our purpose at is to foster social harmony
at the fundamental level of consciousness, through regular global
meditations, what we call Concordances. In other words, we create coherence
and harmony *first* within ourselves and within our finely focused group of
Infinity members, and intend that positive coherence into our local lives,
communities and the world.
This collective, positively-intentioned coherence has specific properties
that we've come to know from experience and from experts in the field such
as Dr Roger Nelson with the Global Consciousness Project
( and Dr Dean Radin at Institute of Noetic
Sciences ( Dr Radin's new book, "Entangled Minds," is the
one I highly recommended in my last email (available at Amazon). I firmly
believe that all Infinity members should read this book. It will validate
your own special gifts, our work here over the last 7 years, and help us
create a stronger positive influence in our lives and the world.
This is why I am writing to you today; to answer this question: How do we
create high levels of coherence with our Concordances to have the greatest
possible impact?

The world already has loose affiliations that create a semblance of social
coherence. Sunday services of many religious denominations are a kind of
coherence, and probably acts as a mild sort of anchoring for social order.
But each person in their respective Sunday service could be praying for
world peace to be accomplished through peaceful means, others through
violent means, others may be praying for Aunt Gertrude, and others for their
own welfare. They may also be praying in different ways internally, even
though mouthing the same prayers. This sort of discord within a structured
group tends to nullify many of its benefits toward social harmony. Dr.
Nelson's work at the GCP clearly shows this.

The definition of coherence is "a logical, orderly, and aesthetically
consistent relationship of parts." I believe Dr. Radin would suggest that in
our work the "parts" (us) should be highly correlated to have the greatest
effect. Correlation means: "the relationship between two variables during a
period of time, especially one that shows a close match between the
variables' movements."

Please study the above paragraph, because this is our goal. This is the
basis for the construction of our Global Concordances. This is also why I
decided to begin guiding them via teleconference, so that we can ensure
greater levels of consistency in our relationship with one another as we
break through old, crusty patterns in the consciousness field that wallow in
separation, fear, imbalance, greed and scarcity.

So it is not enough to be loosely aligned in these Concordances. If all you
can do is direct some positive thought energy our way, that's great and much
appreciated. But if you really want to be a spiritual warrior, charging
forth with torch of Light in one hand and sword in the other, then join us
very specifically in these Concordances. I will be creating them with a much
higher level of detail and specificity in terms of the process and flow of
each Concordance. There will be specific times that we'll be meeting, like
we use to do. In the future, as I can afford to update the Infinity site,
we'll make it more of a forum where people can upload pictures of
themselves, tell other Infinity members about each other, show a map where
everyone is that is participating, have discussions, etc. All these things
foster coherence within our group and enhances our positive, influencing

I don't believe we need millions or billions of people to manifest our
vision ( I believe we need a
highly coherent group, a task force of people fully committed, high in
integrity, skillful and artful in the implementation of the craft, with a
single focus not diluted with self-interests, all participating in very
specific actions in consciousness. I believe what we need is a Global
Coherence Task force, of which YOU and every other Infinity participant, are
charter members.

And I thank you. If you know others who may share an affinity for the
greater possibilities of the human spirit, please invite them to our site.
This is the only way we grow.

Help us spread the new Vibe!

All my best,
Joseph Giove (aka Flesymi)


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