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Special Announcement: Breakthrough Events and Next Year's Concordance Series 05.15.06

Good day from,
Below my signature are details of some great Breakthrough Celebration events
being held live at Joshua Tree and Visalia California on May 27, 2006.
Events in other areas may be found by visiting
As mentioned previously, we are beginning a series of Global Concordances on
May 27/28 that will continue every 20 days until May 22, 2007. The general
theme of these meditations are synchronized with key dates in the Sacred
Mayan Calendar and are about the break through of balancing feminine
energies. Many other groups including the global diksha community will be
joining us. I'll be crafting the first Concordance shortly. Of course, we'll
also be joining other global meditations and Concordances throughout the
year as they are needed or occur.
For global synchronization these Concordances will occur at three times
during each Concordance day. However, staying true to our vision and
mission, Infinity members are encouraged to keep this attention and
coherence animated during the entire day, but with special focus and
attention during the specified times. Even better, keep them animated all
the time!

I've been occupied recently preparing for the next phase in the
InfinityAffinity work to foster global coherence through meditation and
concordance. As always, whenever communications from me wane, use the
standby Concordance:

I AM Love, Light and Gratitude:

Breathe IN love, light and infuses every cell and system in
my body, 
it enters simultaneously from the base of my spine and through my crown,
converging in my heart, where it percolates until it boils over...then, 

Breathe OUT love, light and gratitude...into Mother earth, out to Father
Sky, and into the hearts and minds of every living thing...friend and
foe...experiencing the space in me and around me being conditioned by the
love-light-gratitude as a gift from the I AM Presence. 

Please, help us spread the new Vibe!

All my best, 
Joseph Giove (aka Flesymi)


Breakthrough Celebrations (more at

1. Joshua Tree, California, May 27, 2006:

For information call: 888-552-7375 or email 

2. Visalia and Fowler, California, May 27, 2006. For more information
contact:, phone (55 9)355-2817 or, phone (559) 798-4923.

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