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I AM LOVE SPRINGING ETERNAL: Vernal Equinox Concordance for 03.20.06

Good day from,
I am just returning from India after a stupendous and memorable time with
Don Alejandro Oxlaj, head of the Mayan Council of Elders, Dr Carl Calleman
and a variety of enlightened souls and dikshas givers at Sri Bhagavan's
Oneness University south of Chennai India.  I will be posting pictures and
details of my trip on the Infinity web site soon.  The Infinity members who
contributed so generously to make this trip happen will be receiving their
gifts of appreciation shortly.
Now it is time to step up our global coherence efforts, beginning with the
Vernal Equinox on March 20.  We will be joined heartily by the global diksha
community and an ever growing list of meditators from other traditions who
know the value of positively-intentioned coherence on world affairs.  This
coming March 20 the global coherence we create will be at unprecedented
levels as the world unites in Oneness and trumps the waning forces of
domination and scarcity consciousness.
The Vernal Equinox is the point at which the sun appears to cross the
celestial equator from south to north.  At this time the amount of dark and
light is balanced: twelve hours of each, day and night.

It is a moment of equilibrium in the year.  It symbolizes our efforts over
the last couple years, based on Mayan cosmology, to foster the manifestation
of balanced masculine and feminine energies through our regular

The Vernal Equinox is a time of renewal, both in nature and in (wo)man.  It
is believed by many ancient cultures that the coming of Spring removes any
negative energy accumulated over the dark winter months and prepares the
home for the positive growing energy of spring and summer.  It is a time of
joy called forth by the resurrection of the "Light of the World" from the
underworld of the winter, and usually implies rebirth, resurrection and/or
release from bondage.  The bondage we release this year is bondage,
collectively and in consciousness, to immature, outmoded ideas of control
and power over others, domination of any kind, and scarcity/poverty
consciousness.  The rebirth we intend will be the Breakthrough Celebrations
honoring the return of the balanced Divine Feminine into mainstream
consciousness.  There is much to celebrate!

The precise time for the Vernal Equinox on Monday March 20 is 6:26 PM UTC,
1:26 PM EST, 10:26 AM PST.  Please join us for at least 30 minutes around
this time, using your own meditation or a suggestion from below.
Preferably, however, let us make this a 24 hour period of
positively-intentioned coherence for the betterment of humanity, which
ripples out in powerful waves that reinforce the upcoming global
Breakthrough Meditations beginning on May 27, 2006

While you may not be able to meditate for 24 hours, you can contribute to
this global effect by maintaining an posture of inner balance, inner
coherence and concord with our stated themes, described below.  Make it an
active, moving meditation throughout your day.  Let every spare second in
heart and mind be consumed with global concord, conscious participation with
the millions of others who will be doing the same, and the unfettered
expectation of our intended outcome.



I AM the LOVE that shines like the sun, in all directions, with great
intensity, without regard to judgments about who or what should receive.

I AM the LOVE that radiates out from the core of my Being and conditions the
space around me, making clear a way for LOVE to penetrate even the most
hardened heart and mind.

I AM the LOVE that pierces the veil of forgetfulness and lays bare the
underlying unity and bond, we (all life) share.

I AM the LOVE that *instantly* responds with more LOVE in the face of all

I AM the LOVE that passes understanding, and showers Itself on those on both
sides of conflict, that they may realize a direct and tangible experience of
LOVE's way.

I am the LOVE that realizes that where one stands, depends on where one
sits; LOVE does not sit on a side.  It stands above the polar forces of
duality until such time as the conditioned "reality" rises to It.

What else can we do -- those who have an affinity for the infinite
possibilities of the human spirit -- but affirm, again and again, moment by
moment, with all our thoughts, words and deeds.


Feel this tangibly in the millions that will make this remarkable event a
new reality of constant concordance on agreement that LOVE is the
basis our very reality, and that harmony with our most fulfilling future
derives from concordance on LOVE.

Please help us spread the New Vibe!

And I'll see/feel you in the Vibe,

Flesymi (Joseph Giove)

"I AM":
"New Vibe":

PS. Other great meditations for the Vernal Equinox:

PPS.  Elizabeth Tobin is offering a "Rebirth" Vernal Equinox Spring Seasonal
Repatterning and Deeksha Energy Transmission for Enlightenment, March 20 and
21, 2006.  I highly recommend this repatternign process.  More here:

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