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I AM "AH" Sound of the Heart for Peace: World Sound Healing Day Concordance 1.14.06

Good day from,
For five minutes on February 14 at noon your local time, we 
will join in a global "Sonic Valentine" to the Earth and 
all her life with the sound of "AH" filled with the 
intention of peace and love. Please, help us spread this 
Vibe! More details:
I AM "AH" the Sound of the Heart of Love.
People from all walks of life will be joining together 
in this acoustic love tune, heard in the very cellular 
structure of all life.
I suggest that we all continue this five minutes of AH 
at noon your local time, everyday, for this next moon cycle 
(February 13, to March 14), in honor of the emerging BALANCED 
Feminine. This will also be a wonderful vibe for our 
convergence in India with Mayan Elders and Sri Bhagavan:
I AM "AH" the Sound of the Heart of Love.
See/feel this transformational field we're creating having 
an influence on all life, all leaders, all those in sorrow 
and struggle, all those light warriors braving their way 
through darkness for the benefit of all.

I AM "AH" the Sound of the Heart of Love.

Please, help us spread the new Vibe!

All my best,

PS. Due to the generosity of Infinity members, I will be in 
India at the East-West Convergence from Feb 21 to March 5. 
All our needs are not fully met yet, but I am going anyway. 
You can still support this convergence by going to the home page and 
"Make a Donation." Thank you!

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