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Gifts from Flesymi, immediate attention requested please

Good day,
I am warmed by your generous contributions to the Breakthrough Celebration
and support of my trip to India for participation in this most important
convergence (this February 19) between the East (Feminine) and the West
(Masculine).  Those who missed the message announcing this momentous meeting
can read about it here and still help make it happen:
There is now a "MAKE A DONATION" button on the front page of the Infinity
site: for your much appreciated donations to
the InfinityAffinity global coherence project.  Alternatively you can mail
donations, payable to Joseph R. Giove at 953 Mountain View Dr., Lafayette,
CA, 95449.  If you plan to make a donation, please do so quickly as I have
to make travel plans this week.  Thank you!
I have never asked for financial support from Infinity members, and, truth
be told, I am quite uncomfortable doing so.  One beautifully aware Unity
woman helped out back in 1997 and 1998 when I was forming the vision,
concept and implementation of this work.  Since then I have bore the time
demands and costs myself.  Now, however, my inspiration to take this global
coherence to the next level, combined with amazing forces congealing around
our cooperative effort of the past seven years, tells me it's time to step
outside my comfort zone, reach out a humble hand and ask for help.
Help can be by way of donations small and large, your talents and skills as
our plans unfold, and referring me to philanthropists or grant sources that
have an affinity for the infinite possibilities of the human spirit when we
act as One.
One of the projects I am working on, which may excite you as much as it does
me, is a cooperative effort with the scientists at the Global Consciousness
Project (  Our goal will be to duplicate
its global network and make a Global Biofeedback Monitor, to give all global
and meditation groups a real-time means of obtaining feedback on the effect
of their work, and feed it back to the participants, similarly to the way a
biofeedback device helps a person fine tune her own inner state toward a
goal of internal integration and coherence.  As many of you know, Dr.  Roger
Nelson at the GCP did an analysis of our MidLight Celebration last year,
done in conjunction with Dr.  Calleman and Sri Bhagavan's Diksha community,
and showed remarkable results from our intentional coherence:  This is just the beginning.
As my colleague, Dr.  Peter Lambrou, states in his book, Instant Emotional
Healing, "the sky is no longer the limit."  How far and deep can our
collective intention for global social coherence take us when we operate at
the deep levels of manifestation we do in our global concordances?  The
answer to this question we will all live in the next few years.
Here are my gifts to you for your kind and generous support:
1.  Every donation regardless of amount, and all talent volunteers will
receive Volume One of "The Best of  as an eBook, PDF
format.  I will go back through the last seven years of Convergences and
Concordances and pick fifty that I feel had the most personal and global
effect.  You can use these as focus for your own spiritual evolution, for
your prayer or meditation groups, or just hold them as keepsakes to show
your grandchildren how their new world was made by the insightful and
courageous souls of our time.
2.  In addition, for donations $100 or more, I will include my "Thriving
Through the Shift of the Ages" CD audio dialogue with Dr Carl Calleman,
author of "The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness."
This is an amazingly pertinent and insightful conversation about about how
the transformation energies we're swirling in affect us both personally and
collectively.  I firmly believe that every Infinity member should hear this
3.  For donations of $500 or more I will include the full 9-CD set of my
"Thriving Through the Shift of the Ages" audio dialogues.  In these
dialogues I have joined with some of the brightest visionaries, spiritual
teachers, scientists and healers to help you understand and contextualize
the impact of the vast, powerful forces playing in and around us right now.
You can read more about them
4.  For $1000 or more, or the donation of 80,000 frequent flyer miles, I
will also include a private phone session where I will guide you to meet
your fully realized, alchemical, multidimensional self, and help you return
with gifts and insights that only your Higher Self can give.  This will be a
two to three hour session and is the gift I offer many of my clients:
Your energetic support is as valuable as anything else, so I thank you for
your involvement in, and wish you continued abundance,
wellness, balance and connection with an awakening world.
All my best,
Flesymi (Joseph Giove)

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