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I AM the Unified Divine Mother-Father Within: Concordance 1.14.06

Good day from,

In 2006 our InfinityAffinity group will be collaborating with others around
the world in welcoming into manifestation the energies of the Divine
Feminine. Balanced with the Divine Masculine energies, we will see and feel
inner and outer structures move into harmony with these great principles as
we collectively, consciously incarnate our vision:

*I AM the Unified Divine Mother-Father Within*

Mayan Shaman's foresaw this auspicious moment in history. They developed a
far-reaching cosmology, known to us as the Mayan Calendar, to describe how
these energies of creation fulfill themselves *within* all life. Their
calendar system is actually a schedule of energies that unfolds with greater
frequency as we reach the point where the experience of Oneness is realized
in the dense dimensions we now enjoy. We feel this quickening as a speeding
up of time, an increase in novelty and change, and a significant
transformation of outer systems (government, social, science, economic,
education, politics, interpersonal relationships, etc.) as they reflect the
underlying creative potential bubbling up within us.

*I AM the Unified Divine Mother-Father Within*

Carl Johan Calleman, PhD., author of "The Mayan Calendar and the
Transformation of Consciousness," suggests that this next year or so is
about strengthening the Eastern Hemisphere planetary influence and right
brain aspects of our existence. He is suggesting key dates and times of
celebration of these incoming energies. "Awakening the World Mother within"
or "Unifying the Divine Father and Mother within" are the themes we will be
using for these Breakthrough Celebrations. Beginning today, and continuing
throughout 2006 and into 2007, we foster with our intentional congruence and
harmony the new phase of cosmic evolution that step by step brings forth the
feminine to heal the rift and separation that humanity has experienced for
the last 5000 years. 

Below my signature is Dr Calleman's article, "The Breakthrough Celebration,"
detailing this topic, along with the dates that we will be using as a
temporal guide for our Concordances. Please consider becoming involved with
helping, sponsoring or hosting events on key days as outlined below.

*I AM the Unified Divine Mother-Father Within*

Live it now, be it now, in every thought, word and act. As you bring this
theme into your meditations and prayers, see/feel the many others who are
simultaneously providing suitable vessels for this living Presence. Know
that as we do this and remain steadfast in our mission to usher in a new age
of peace, harmony and wisdom, we are indeed manifesting Y(Our) destiny:

*I AM the Unified Divine Mother-Father Within*

See/feel you in the Vibe, and please, help us spread it!

All my best,
Flesymi (aka Joseph Giove)


Please feel free to post, copy, translate and disseminate 
this article as widely as you like!

The Breakthrough Celebration
is a Global Process leading into the 
Quetzalcoatl/Christ energy of the Fifth DAY


Carl Johan Calleman

People often ask the question what, according to the Mayan calendar, will
happen in the time ahead. In a sense this is a natural question to ask and
in my books I have addressed how the Mayan calendar describes cosmic
evolution in all of its aspects from the Big Bang 16.4 billion years ago to
the present time. Indeed we may now learn a lot from its patterns. Yet,
sometimes when people ask this question it seems they think that the changes
that the Mayan calendar describes are happening outside of themselves or the
human collective at large. I would say that this is an incomplete

If there is anything we may learn from the Mayan calendar then it is that it
is a strict time plan for the evolution of consciousness and that this plan
very much includes ourselves at the present time. The process of evolution
of consciousness is now primarily transforming the human beings, and through
human beings, our external reality. 

In other words; we are the ones we have been waiting for!

 We are the ones whose consciousness is undergoing transformation. The Mayan
calendar only helps the patterns of this transformation become visible and
understandable. As the consciousness of humanity is transformed so is the
external world that we are to a large extent creating through our perception
of it. 

I feel it is very important to grasp these relationships: The transformation
of the world in the years ahead happens through the transformation of
consciousness of ourselves and the true Mayan calendar is an exact time plan
for this. The very idea of asking what will happen emanates from a dualist
relationship to the external reality that has been inherited from lower
Underworlds (An Underworld is a sine wave movement of consciousness

As I recently described in an article 
we entered the Fourth NIGHT of the Galactic Underworld as of November 29,
2005. As I point out there we may understand some of what this means through
parallels with other Underworlds. Essentially, the first half of this Fourth
NIGHT is a time for integration of the changes that the preceding Fourth DAY
brought. What on an individual level some would typically experience is then
that the past catches up with them, and this may especially be true for
those for whom the Fourth DAY was a very transformative period. Things we
did not have to deal with in the flow of the Fourth DAY may now be knocking
on our doors and in we may need to contemplate the directions of our paths.
The integrative character of the Fourth NIGHT favors making amends and
healing relationships that might have been upset by the influx of the
stirring energies of the Fourth DAY. It also seems there are many that in
the beginning of this Fourth NIGHT are cleansing and restoring their bodies.
This may not be so much about integration as it is a meaningful preparation
for the time to come and the onset of the Quetzalcoatl energy of the Fifth
DAY. In short, as I described in the above mentioned article, the first half
of the Fourth NIGHT is about integrating and preparing for the strong influx
of light on the right brain half that is about to enter especially as the
Fifth DAY begins on November 24, 2006. 

The incoming energy of the Fifth DAY will be much stronger than anything we
have previously experienced in the Galactic Underworld. The Fifth DAY is the
breakthrough energy that previously, in another Underworld (level of
consciousness evolution) brought Christianity, and at yet another Underworld
the modern world, into existence. The Mayan calendar describes the
alternating energies of the cosmos that transform consciousness and create
the world. What we need to do is to learn how to flow with these energies
that shape our future and help bring the path towards Oneness to the rest of
the world. Thus, we should already be preparing and considering how best to
make use of the breakthrough energy of the Fifth DAY. For this to happen we
will need to put in a new gear and a suitable name for this gear is the
Breakthrough Celebration.

This Breakthrough Celebration is not just a one time event, but a
culmination of a global process of transformation of consciousness
culminating on May 22, 2007. Thus, although the rhythm of this process may
already be set in the heavens its actual manifestation will need to be
developed in a co-creative way among all people of the planet that seek to
align themselves with the intended end result of divine creation: Oneness in
Enlightenment. The Breakthrough Celebration is designed to provide
direction, intention and guidance for this process and it will do so for a
critical phase, namely the transition to the Fifth DAY of the Galactic

What I am suggesting here is for every lightworker, and everyone seeking
enlightenment for themselves and the rest of humanity, to participate in a
process of globally synchronized prayer, diksha (transference of divine
presence) and meditation days that will help lead humanity in the transition
to the Fifth DAY of the Galactic Underworld while making maximal use of its
incoming energies for balancing, healing and enlightenment. 

The Oneness Celebration at the occasion of the Venus Transit (June 6-8,
2004) helped prepare the ground for this by more broadly alerting people to
the fact that we are entering the completion phase of the divine plan. The
Midlight Meditation (June 1-2, 2005) served to globally synchronize dikshas
and meditations. 

The Breakthrough Celebration is intended as a sequence of energies that will
provide a structure for events and festivals that will allow at least part
of the human collective to go much deeper and develop a process towards
enlightenment in a synchronized way. It is literally now or never for a
collective breakthrough into the experience of Oneness considering what we
know about the energies to follow after the Fifth DAY. 

I feel it is time to throw out all ideas that the Mayan calendar is about
waiting for something to happen in the year 2012. The true Mayan calendar is
about a process that we moment by moment may be part of if we so choose and
if a sufficiently strong positive desire for experiencing Oneness can be
brought forth. For this I encourage an intentional explorative and dynamic
process where only the dates are offered only as synchronizing signposts.
What we do and who we are during these times are the features of our
collective awakening that ushers in the energies that the Mayan calendar
describes. For this I feel dikshas will play a very significant role in
giving people direct experience of where the cosmic plan is leading us. To
have such experiences may be especially valuable considering that there is
little reason to expect that the transitions ahead will be smooth or without
difficulty for humanity at large. 

The initiating date, the take-off for the process of the Breakthrough
Celebration, will be the dates May 27-28, 2006, corresponding to the shortly
upcoming midpoint energies, 9 Ahau and 10 Imix, of the Fourth NIGHT. In the
Sacred Mayan Calendar used for thousands of years, 9 Ahau at this midpoint
is a combination of the 9, which symbolizes Quetzalcoatl, and Ahau, which
means light or lord. Traditionally Ahau days, or days of light, were such
energies for ceremonies among the ancient Maya. We may actually then now
catch on to the very same rhythm that will continue until the field of
cosmic oneness is established on the day energy of 13 Ahau on October 28,

Since the process of the Galactic Underworld is about strengthening the
Eastern/right brain half aspects of our existence I encourage themes of
"Awakening the World Mother within" or "Unifying the Divine Father and
Mother within" for take-off events for the Breakthrough Celebration on May
27-28, 2006. This is especially so as this Underworld is a phase of cosmic
evolution that step by step brings forth the feminine to heal the rift and
separation that occurred about 5000 years ago as the National Underworld

I recommend that the global diksha community initiate or participate in
events and festivals organized for this take-off of the Breakthrough
Celebration. In general I recommend that anyone planning for spiritual
events in this time to do so with an eye to the Oneness in Light (Ahau) days
of the Mayan Calendar. Following this take-off at 9 Ahau and 10 Imix, May
27-28, there is thus a series of recommended Oneness in Light dates that I
have listed below. These are also presented in an attachment to this mail
and will be posted at my web site pending the creation of
the web site Obviously, events of this kind
do not happen by themselves and so what I am asking you to consider is to
mark your calendars for creating such events. There is no one else to wait
for. We are the ones we have been waiting for!

The Breakthrough Celebration - The Global Transition to the Fifth DAY 

9 Ahau, Saturday May 27, 2006	Take-off, Midpoint of the Fourth NIGHT
			("Seating" of Quetzalcoatl/Christ energy)
3 Ahau, Friday June 16, 2006

10 Ahau, Thursday July 6, 2006

4 Ahau, Wednesday July 26, 2006

11 Ahau, Tuesday August 15, 2006

5 Ahau, Monday September 4, 2006

12 Ahau, Sunday September 24, 2006

6 Ahau, Saturday October 14, 2006

13 Ahau, Friday November 3, 2006

7 Ahau, Thursday November 23, 2006		Beginning of the Fifth DAY!
(Light of Quetzalcoatl/Christ energy)

1 Ahau, Wednesday December 13, 2006

8 Ahau, Tuesday January 2, 2007

2 Ahau, Monday January 22, 2007

9 Ahau, Sunday February 11, 2007

3 Ahau, Saturday March 3, 2007

10 Ahau, Friday March 23, 2007

4 Ahau, Thursday April 12, 2007

11 Ahau, Wednesday May 2, 2007

5 Ahau, Tuesday May 22, 2007	Midpoint of the Fifth DAY, culmination of
The Breakthrough Celebration
Global World Tree Ceremony 

For the global synchronization I recommend that dikshas are performed on
these Ahau (Oneness in Light) days at 6.00, 12.00 and/or 18.00 European
Central Time, (9 pm (previous night), 3 am and 9 am PST) (12 am, 9 am and 3
pm EST) 
and the corresponding times for Asia and Australia. 

The purpose of choosing these particular dates is to enhance synchronicity
at special energetically suitable days and also, through the direct
experience of participation, bring the awareness of the existence of a
divine plan that has charted by the Mayan calendar and its currently
predominating rhythm, the Galactic Underworld. The dates offered above are
however not meant to exclude any activities in between them. The entry into
the Fifth day is a process that we have never undertaken before and so it is
not in any sense foreseeable what activities that may need to be improvised
to enhance the process.
To perform prayers, dikshas and meditations globally synchronized on these
Ahau (Oneness in Light) days will serve to synchronize the global spiritual
community with the divine process of creation. I call especially on the
global diksha community to help bring in the divine presence in this process
that this movement is all about in this phase of humanity's evolution. The
Fifth DAY may very well lead to the very ability to give diksha being passed
on from one individual to another especially if the Breakthrough Celebration
generates the necessary flow. Yet, I feel there are many other practices
including field transforming techniques that will contribute significantly
in the process towards Oneness. In fact, I am convinced that some of these
innovative phenomena have not yet seen the light of the day but are about to
do so during the period covered by the Breakthrough Celebration. To
accommodate and support such creativity I feel the process should be
approached in a spirit of mutual sharing that fosters the necessary
cross-fertilization between ideas and spiritual practices.

I believe that the dates above should be approached with an attitude of
service also to the many other movements and organizations that may happen
to organize events and festivals on these dates. There is every reason to
continue global diksha and meditation events also in later phases of the
Galactic Underworld at Ahau (Oneness in Light) days, which are the most
conducive to enlightenment. The very purpose of the Breakthrough Celebration
is to serve a global breakthrough into experiencing the divine presence on a
continuing basis. Part of its purpose is also a breakthrough into
experiencing the Mayan calendar, that is to say the divine time plan, and
its rhythm. This by itself will turn out to be invaluable for providing
guidance and hope for humanity in some of the more difficult energies it
will go through until the cosmic field of Oneness stabilizes in the heavens
on October 28, 2011.

For info about dikshas please go to

For info about the Galactic Underworld and the Mayan calendar see, and the web radio cast

Carl Johan Calleman is the author of two books about the cosmic time plan:
The Mayan Calendar (Garev 2001) and The Mayan Calendar and the
Transformation of Consciousness (Bear and Co, 2004). He initiated the global
Oneness Celebration of June 2004 and the Midlight Meditation of June 2005.
He was one of the main speakers at the conference on the Mayan calendar
organized by the Indigenous Council of the Americas in Merida Mexico, 1998
and lectures and gives courses on this topic throughout the world. He has a
doctorate in Physical Biology from the University of Stockholm and was a
Senior Researcher of Environmental Health at the University of Washington in
Seattle in the years 1986-93. He collaborates with Sri Bhagavan.

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