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We're in the middle of It! I AM the Mid-Light Celebration: Concordance 06.1/2.05

A very good day to you,

This is an invitation to participate in the most exciting and
powerful Concordance we've had to date, on June 1 and 2...just a few
short days away.  Times and details below.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: please distribute (clean-up first), print
and read immediately.  This is long, which is why I've asked you to
print it, but consider it a meditation or contemplative prayer of
the Light of Harmony and Balance we are now sharing and empowering.

What an exciting we near the end of "time."  We are
Mid-Light of the evolutionary energy wave called the "Galactic
Underworld" by Mayan Shamans, midway through the last cycle before
the famed 2010-2011 timeframe.  This light calls for us to ensure
multidimensional balance within and forthrightly claim our heritage
of Oneness as we joyously participate in Its unfolding in our lives
and the world around us:

Do you remember the Vision with which we started this Affinity for
Infinity movement in 1998?

And the Principles of Action with which we agreed to energize this

No doubt there have been challenges holding this vision as we surfed
the tumultuous energies of the last 7 years.  But here we
are...wiser, stronger, more unified, more enlightened, and supremely
poised to welcome the energies of harmony, peace, wisdom, balance,
abundance, creativity, joy and CONSCIOUS collective power and
volition.  This doesn't mean all challenge is over, only that we now
have a substantially stronger and growing Cosmic Wind filling our

"We cannot control the wind, but we have the power to adjust the
                                                   - Chinese Proverb

And adjust the sails we have...with all our brothers and sisters of
Mother every Synagogue, Mosque, Church, Temple, Yoga
practice, meditation group, Falun Dafa, Diksha, Shaktipat and in
millions of hearts and minds the world over...all of us sharing our
indelible passion for Oneness manifest.  I am honored to be sharing
these energetic times with You.

All of this has been in spite of valiant efforts by shadow forces to
keep separation, duality and fear as the status quo.  Oh, they may
have won battles or even wars, but they will ultimately lose (i.e.
be reintegrated) because there is no real war...only a PLAY of
opposites, which is a Divine conditioning process making us suitable
vessels for a Cosmic Birth.  Imagine taking a sizable poll of
Earth's inhabitants: How many of our fellow earthlings would choose
peace, true abundance shared by all, harmony, love, compassion,
respect for their neighbor and fulfillment compared to those that
would continue to chose strife, avarice, separation, hatred and
greed?  Clearly, the shadow-power brokers and their hypnotized,
weak, outspoken masses cannot hold a candle to the silent cultural,
spiritual and POWERFUL majority.  The enlightened majority now has
the floor, and we are voting with our personal power in the
burgeoning field of Oneness.

That is what this Concordance is all about.  However, whereas voting
is commonly viewed as a periodic event, separated by long periods of
delegation of power (and powerlessness), the vote we make now is
dynamic, continual, personal and personally empowering, AND
dominance-busting with ZERO delegation of power!  The enlightened
masses, whose opiate is not religion but true Alchemy (Forgive and
Love Thyself Unconditionally; As Above, So Below; As Within, So
Without), are finally favored by Cosmic Forces that quickens Vision.

As such, I suggest that we all stay aware and make use of these
energies moment by moment, this week, now, and forever...keeping
ever mindful of the many others concurrently doing the same.  Join
them consciously as the awakening state of Gaia's Mind and
Heart...see them...feel guided by
them...forgive them...forgive yourself...resolve only to perceive
their highest essence.  Allow balance to be a guiding principle.
Let us make this our practice.  And when June 1st and 2nd come later
this week, after our meditations, prayers and practices, let us
CELEBRATE!  Let us anchor these energies deep within ourselves,
which coincidentally is anchoring deep in Gaia-Mind-Heart, then
enliven those not-so-subtle energies with physical expression of joy
and gratitude...see/feel it done!

Below is 1) an invitation to a local San Francisco area event, 2) a
suggested meditation if you can't join a group physically, and 3)
sage advice by our Master Guide in these matters, Dr.  Carl Johan
Calleman.  I highly recommend spending time contemplatively perusing
his site:  Be sure to check out other 
locations around the world for this celebration and get on his email 
list as well.

I AM Gaia Heart. I AM Gaia Mind.

I AM Multidimensional Balance.

I AM Galactic Heart. I AM Galactic Mind.

In service to Oneness,




Thursday, June 2, 2005
7:30 pm to 8:30 pm (or later)


Heather Farms Park, Rose Garden Walnut Creek, 680 Northbound, exit
at Ignacio Valley (Right), just before Bancroft on right.




The Mayan Calendar and those who keep track of its days tell us that
we are approaching a key transformational milestone.

As a part of this great change, Thursday, 06.02.05, is "midlight" of
the last cycle before the famed 2010-2011 timeframe.  During these
times, and specifically on this day, we are asked by the Mayan
elders to declare and practice balance and harmony while the world
shifts its priorities from dominance to unity, in response to new
evolutionary energies.  It may not be a coincidence that our Sun has
been showering us with record levels of "cosmic rain," which affects
earth's weather as well as human emotions.

We invite you to join us for a Mid-Light Celebration: an informal
gathering for celebrating, reflecting and sharing of our movements
in balance and harmony.  We will meet at 7:30 PM at the Rose Garden
at Heather Farms Park in Walnut Creek.  Afterwards, anyone
interested can join us for dinner and fun at a local restaurant.

Any questions, please call:

Michael Anne Conley: 925.284.2804
Joseph Giove: 925.215.4017

We look forward to celebrating with you.

2. MAYAN-GAIAN MEDITATION, after centering and grounding.

A. Maintain awareness of being tangibly connected and
congruent with many others simultaneously converging in
this meditation.

B. Imagine your head becoming the Earth with the hypothalamus
at the Earth's inner core. Your strong and loving heart field
surrounds and is the pedestal upon which this earth sits. Position
your eyes at the Hawaiian Islands of this imagined earth, so that
your left-brain corresponds to the Western Hemisphere and your
right-brain to the Eastern Hemisphere. In this way you will be
fully exposed to the global creation field (World Tree) and develop
a resonance with it. See/feel/experience balance in your brain and
Earth hemispheres as you continue. It may help to view an image of
the earth so this alignment is as accurate as can be.

C. Allow this sense of balance to permeate your physical body,
feeling adjustments made in your blood, nerves, organs, muscles,
bones as you move physically to a state of balance. Feel your
breath calm, smooth and rhythmic.

D. Allow this balance to infiltrate your thoughts, bringing
balance and poise to your mental functioning.

E. Now feel your emotional body become balanced...staying in
these sensations for a few moments as they permeate your mental
and physical bodies.

F. Project this experience of balance into Earth, feeling strongly
the propagation of these energies spreading across, in and through
the Earth as you become harmonious with the Earth and all animate
and inanimate matter.

G.  See/feel this balance altering lives across the planet: first in
your life, seeing your future filled with joyous, balanced actions,
experiences and abundance.  Next see/feel others experiencing an
abundance of balanced actions and experiences.  Now see/feel the
Earth itself enjoying balance, love, respect and harmony.  Remain in
and energize these experiences for five minutes.  Replace any
negative thoughts that arise with your symbol of balance.

H.  Now allow a powerful symbol of this balance to come to mind.  It
can be the image of your heart-head-Earth alignment, a balance
scale, your body's sacred water filling up inside impeccably
balanced, or whatever symbol or image works best for you.  Make this
image empowered with the full force of your being, and at the
intensity of the experience, anchor this state by firmly touching
the tip of your right index finger to the center of your sternum
near your heart.  Intend that this experience live in you and be
called up anytime in the future by touching this same spot in your
heart area.  Repeat often.

I.  Slowly come to waking consciousness, by counting from 1 up to 5.
With each number bring your awareness back to your surroundings
while retaining the deep peace and balance you now feel.  With each
number you count, enforce your resolve to live in peace and balance
and that the world knows you by this truth.

J. Celebrate!

3.  REWIRING THE GLOBAL BRAIN: June 1 and 2, 2005 - Global Diksha
and Meditation Days

Rewiring the Global Brain towards the End of Dominance
by Carl Johan Calleman

Please feel free to post and disseminate:

From the perspective of the Mayan calendar the days 13 Ahau and 1
Imix, corresponding to the Gregorian dates June 1 and 2, 2005,
represent peak days when it comes to the incoming energies of the
Fourth DAY of the Galactic Underworld.  They are also at the very
midpoint of all of the current Galactic Underworld, which is the
name for our present evolution of consciousness.  I have discussed
in detail the significance of these dates from a Mayan calendar
perspective in articles that have been posted on my own web site
(  Here I will make some suggestions as to how
these energies may be the most beneficially and successfully
utilized which includes the transfer of divine intelligence mediated
by Bagavan and Amma, through so called dikshas (see

The number of people in the world being able to give dikshas has
increased rapidly in a few years and the upcoming dates, with the
energies of 13 Ahau and 1 Imix, may become the first globally
synchronized diksha days.  My suggestion is that at noon, as well as
at 6 pm, GMT people all over the world with the necessary
preparations should be giving dikshas in synchrony.  This would be
the first time ever that globally synchronized dikshas would be
given and where we may learn something about their effects on the
consciousness field of the planet.  This by itself represents a
fantastic opportunity to speed up the global balancing process,
because of the relatively high number of people that could be
affected.  But I would also like to point out the possibility of
creating yet another first: Giving diksha to the Global Brain, which
means taking the process of transformation to a totally new level.

Many people agree that the sole source of human suffering is our
experience of being separate from the divine, nature and our fellow
beings, whether human or not.  This experience of separation is
created by filters to reality mediated through resonance by the
consciousness field of the planet.  These are filters that according
to the Mayan calendar have existed for about 5000 years and will
now, as we are approaching the end of linear time, be removed.  A
primary manifestation of these filters is a culture of dominance and
submissiveness that we are all to some extent still entrenched in
and hence the current emphasis on the end to dominance.

The notion of a Global Brain is based upon the striking parallels
between the Western and Eastern Hemispheres of our planet with the
left and right brains respectively of our individual human brains.
Thus, there is strong evidence that human beings have been created
in the image of the Earth.  Human beings are like nerve cells in the
global brain, or, put in other terms, our individual frames of
consciousness emerge through resonance with the global frame of
consciousness according to the principle As Above So Below.  The
logical consequence of this is that if we are able to rewire the
global brain, then the individual consciousness of the human beings
would be created by resonance with a more balanced global
consciousness.  Thought soars.  A synchronized diksha operating on
the global brain, rather than on individual human brains one by one,
may be a fantastic opportunity to speed up the global process of

In a sense this is all about manifesting what is implied by the term
Galactic Underworld, which we are now coming to the midpoint of.
Giving diksha to the global brain would mean that those
participating would need to raise their consciousness in a very real
sense to a galactic level.  In my view at least the galactic level
of consciousness evolution is not about aliens coming from another
part of the galaxy to set things right for us.  It is rather about
realizing that we ourselves are galactic human beings and that we
start to regard the planet that we are very much a part of from a
higher perspective.  To give diksha to the Global Brain is
tantamount to rising to a galactic frame of consciousness and so it
at this midpoint of the Galactic Underworld this would be very
appropriate.  If a new network of signal transduction mediating the
new divine intelligence could be established throughout the Global
Brain this could be utilized anew at later occasions when according
to the Mayan calendar the energies of time are favorable to
synchronized activities serving its transformation.

It should also be recognized that the global brain is now in a
process of becoming balanced after a period of about 5000 years of
left brain/Western dominance.  It is the very purpose of the
Galactic Underworld to bring such a balancing about.  One must
assume that if dikshas are applied simultaneously to the global
brain by thousands of individuals worldwide then divine intelligence
will spontaneously find its way to optimally rewire the Global
Brain.  This would mean a step towards global balance and an
additional step away from the culture of dominance/submissiveness
that still dominates the planet.

Personally, I do not believe that there is any number such as 60.000
(like 144.000 in the Christian tradition) following which collective
enlightenment would suddenly take a jump.  What there is is a series
of pulses of incoming energies emitted by the Cosmic World Tree,
where we have now come to the midpoint of the fourth of these pulses
in the Galactic Underworld.  These pulses of light affect the entire
cosmos synchronistically and they will not be cancelled just because
some numerical criteria may not have been met on some planets in
this vast universe.  Regardless of our opinion in this matter I feel
the crucial thing is not to wait for a certain number of people to
have become enlightened before we set out to transform the
consciousness field of the planet.

How does giving diksha to the global brain differ from giving diksha
to individual brains?  Partly the difference is in the intention.
Here it is in other words a matter of giving diksha to the global
rather than the individual brain.  Yet, unlike when giving diksha to
a single individual the person giving diksha to the global brain is
also herself part of the global brain and this is a paradox that
those coming from the higher galactic perspective will need to
contemplate.  Moreover, there is a difference between seeking to
heal the Earth and to rewire the Global Brain Someone who does a
ceremony for healing the Earth may in fact see himself as separate
from the Earth rather than as a nerve cell that is a part of a
Global Brain.  There is a reality to the existence of the Global
Brain (made up by the human beings as its nerve cells) and this is a
much more tangible reality to work with compared to the Earth, the
Global Mind or the Collective Consciousness'.  Personally, I do not
think the Earth needs to be healed.  It is instead the consciousness
of the human beings that pulse by pulse in the ongoing
transformation of the Galactic Underworld needs to be harmonized
with the creation field of the Earth.  If this is accomplished human
beings will no longer see themselves as separate from the Earth and
would no longer want to exploit it as if it were a lump of dead

Hence, when diksha is given to the Global Brain the focus should be
on the emergence of entirely new channels for transmission of divine
intelligence (signal transduction) and the establishment across the
planet of entirely new relationships between its nerve cells (human
beings).  These new channels, and the relationships they give rise
to, will in turn facilitate the balancing of the hemispheres.  The
effects may be mind blowing because the dikshas will be operating on
a level where they have never previously been operating.  One thing
that would be a certain outcome is the emergence of unexpected new
relationships of a spiritual nature with persons (other nerve cells
in the global brain) maybe on the opposite side of the world.  Given
that these relationships will be based on the influx of divine
intelligence on a global scale they may also come to be amazingly
strong and valuable.  This in turn may trigger the emergence of new
forms of global networks of individuals who may not previously have
been able to recognize their oneness.

What then about the many, including myself, who do not give diksha?
What shall we do?  I feel we can also contribute to the rewiring of
the Global Brain, albeit in a more passive way.  We may go into a
meditative state (noon and 6 pm GMT on both days) and see ourselves
as parts of the global brain rather than just as individuals.  A way
of doing this is to visualize the Earth around our head with our
eyes looking out through the Hawaiian Islands at its Pacific side
and in this way establish resonance between our brain halves and the
planetary hemispheres.  In this way we are also adding to the
rewiring of the Global Brain as we create some nerve cells for the
diksha to work on rather than just identifying our own individual
egos.  What I have done here is to outline suggestions as to how we
may exploit these energies of 13 Ahau and 1 Imix fully.  I feel they
are exciting not only because they truly represents firsts in the
history of humanity, but also because they would support our rise to
a galactic level of consciousness.  Of course, there may be many
other means in which people can contribute to the rewiring of the
Global Brain, including taking steps away from patterns of dominance
and submissiveness.  Thus, these suggestions are not meant to
exclude the development and incorporation of a rich variety of other
methods with the same aim.  Obviously, the transition into a new and
higher galactic level of consciousness will require of us to be
creative and propel us to move out of the boxes that we are normally
living in.  We are likely all to be surprised at what will open up
to us in the times ahead.

Rewiring the Global Brain means a step in the ongoing transformation
of the collective consciousness of humanity paving the way for its
enlightenment.  This step taken at the midpoint is however a very
significant step that calls us to rise to rise to a new galactic
perspective on reality that by itself leads us in the direction of
the experience of Oneness.  If we are able to rise to this level our
own individual processes will be automatically facilitated.  Moving
up to the galactic level is like moving into the Grandmother
Galaxy's perspective on ourselves rather than Mother Earth's.  There
will be less strain than in a parent-child relationship.

To allow people from Vladivostok to Vancouver (or from Santiago to
Auckland) to participate it seem that it is best to have two
synchronized dikshas per day (at 12 am and 6 pm GMT).  Those
planning to get together with a group of people on the days 13 Ahau
and 1 Imix (June 1 and 2), 2005 and participating in the World Event
are encouraged to communicate your plans to the web site


Carl Johan Calleman, PhD is the author of books about the Mayan
calendar such as The Mayan Calendar (Garev 2001) and The Mayan
Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness (Bear and Co 2004).
His web site is and he lives in Sweden.

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