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Special Gaian-Mayan Meditation-Convergence for this Friday at 7:00 PM PST

Good day from,

We are very excited to offer below the meditation on 
which we will converge this coming Friday evening, 
April 22, from 7 to 7:30 p.m. PST. 

Please pass this on to your list of those who may 
participate remotely.

You are invited to join this special Convergence whether 
or not you are present at the live event in event in San 
Francisco. A global audience will participate in this 
Gaian-Mayan Meditation in addition to those attending 
in person at in San Francisco:

Promptly at 7 p.m. PST we will begin gaining group 
coherence in two ways:

1. A Holographic Repatterning of the entire global group 
   by Elizabeth Tobin. This HR proxy session will continue 
   for the entire evening.

   To register for the proxy session go to

2. A musical journey into the heart of peace and balance 
   by William Florian performing his world-renown "I AM 
   Declaring Peace." You can listen to the chorus at

At 7:15 p.m. Joseph Giove, Clinical Hypnotist, will lead 
the meditation below, forging a powerful group coherence 
and congruency around deep peace and multidimensional balance. 

At 7:30 p.m. Dr Calleman will reveal the meaning of the Mayan 
Calendar for this time and present what we can do to support 
this Shift of the Ages.

At 10:00 p.m. we will close with an enlivening vision/meditation 
to entrench these energies into our being and to move forward 
in deep peace and multidimensional balance.

We invite you to join us in person or in spirit by registering 
in advance:

IN PERSON: Save $5 by registering in advance at:

           (donations accepted)

We look forward to your presence at this most special evening.

My very best,


Special Convergence for April 22, 2005 7:00 to 7:30 p.m. PST


Please print out these instruction and practice in advance so 
that you can be fully present during the actual Convergence. 
An even better option is to make an audio recording of the 
meditation script below and replay it during the meditation 

PREPARATION (5 to 10 minutes): 

1. BECOME PRESENT: Take five to ten minutes to center and 
ground yourself. Perhaps a few minutes of conscious, deep, 
rhythmic breathing while repeating silently "calm, release, 
ease, peace." It will also help to engage a slight muscle 
tension and release that paces each in-breath and out-breath. 
This will help let go of residual muscle tension and allow 
all resources to be present for this convergence. 

2. CALL FORTH SYMBOL OF BALANCE: Now bring to mind an image 
or symbol of balance. It can be an old style balance scale. 
It might be the image of light permeating your physical body 
starting in the center of your heart and growing symmetrically 
in all directions. Perhaps imagine water that is "positively 
intentioned" filling up your body starting at your toes and 
filling in precise levels up to the top of your head, being 
sure to see/feel the balance in the brain hemispheres as the 
water level reaches there. You may want to see/feel your 
energy spiral in precise symmetry and balance through your 

THE MEDITATION (15 Minutes):

1. Maintain awareness of being tangibly connected and 
congruent with many others simultaneously converging in 
this meditation.

2. Imagine your head becoming the Earth with the hypothalamus 
at the Earth's inner core. Position your eyes at the Hawaiian 
Islands of this imagined earth, so that your left-brain 
corresponds to the Western Hemisphere and your right-brain to 
the Eastern Hemisphere. In this way you will be fully exposed 
to the global creation field (World Tree) and develop a resonance 
with it. See/feel/experience balance in your brain and Earth 
hemispheres as you continue. It may help to view an image of the 
earth so this alignment is as accurate as can be.

3. Allow this sense of balance to permeate your physical body, 
feeling adjustments made in your blood, nerves, organs, muscles, 
bones as you move physically to a state of balance. Feel your 
breath calm, smooth and rhythmic.

4. Allow this balance to infiltrate your thoughts, bringing 
balance and poise to your mental functioning.

5. Now feel your emotional body become balanced...staying in 
these sensations for a few moments as they permeate your mental 
and physical bodies.

6. Project this experience of balance into Earth, feeling strongly 
the propagation of these energies spreading across, in and through 
the Earth as you become harmonious with the Earth and all animate 
and inanimate matter. 

7. See/feel this balance altering lives across the planet: first 
in your life, seeing your future filled with joyous, balanced 
actions, experiences and abundance. Next see/feel others experiencing 
an abundance of balanced actions and experiences. Now see/feel the 
Earth itself enjoying balance, love, respect and harmony. Remain in and 
energize these experiences for five minutes. Replace any negative 
thoughts that arise with your symbol of balance.

8. Now allow a powerful symbol of this balance to come to mind. 
It can be the image of your head-Earth alignment or the one used in 
the preparatory stage, whichever is stronger. Make this image empowered 
with the full force of your being, and at the intensity of the experience, 
anchor this state by firmly touching the tip of your right index finger 
to the center of your sternum near your heart. Intend that this experience 
live in you and be called up anytime in the future by touching this 
same spot in your heart area.

9. Slowly come to waking consciousness, by counting from 1 up to 5. 
With each number bring your awareness back to your surroundings while 
retaining the deep peace and balance you now feel. With each number 
you count, enforce your resolve to live in peace and balance and that 
the world knows you by this truth.

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