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I AM Revelation: Concordance 01.14.05

Good day from,

Revelation is the act of making known or unveiling what was 
previously unknown or concealed. Revelation is commonly 
understood as a communication of knowledge to wo-man by 
a divine or supernatural agency. 

We may also consider revelation as the discovery of truth 
relative to our unique and personal circumstances. This is 
quite important as we move this year into a posture of 
multidimensional we lay ourselves bare to 
what hinders its realization. As a collective, we move 
with the energy of this 20 day cycle:

I AM Revelation.

Let us be with the creative energy of revelation in our 
meditations and thoughts over the next 20 days. As you tune 
into this energy and its relevance for your life, be mindful 
of the shared "space" in which we create concordance around 
this unveiling. Go to sleep by putting forth the intention 
for revelation in your life...for truth to emerge about your 
purpose for being, your relationships, your career, your 
health, and your vision for humanity's and Mother Earth's 
greatest destiny. And when the revelation comes, offer it 
to that wholesome inner-outer space of concordance so the 
rest of us can share in it too.

I AM Revelation.

As you intend revelation, be aware that hundreds, thousands, 
maybe millions are also doing so, perhaps even at the very 
same moment...can you feel or see others basking in their 
own revelation? With each concordance we move closer to 
full recognition of the One Being we are...feel it...see it...all the remarkable diversity and color and 
types playing in this paradoxical uni-omni-verse game of 
separation and duality, which is quickening to a new 
"oneness" playing  field.

I AM Revelation.

My best,

PS. A good friend and extremely talented musician/mystic, 
Greg Tamblyn, is on US tour and will be at the Unity Marin 
January 30. I highly recommend getting silly with him:

Saving the World From Whiny Victim Love Songs


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