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I AM Mid-Light Celebration: Concordance 03.01.05

Good day from,

This message offers insight and asks for ideas
for the upcoming "Mid-Light Celebration" on
June 1 & 2, 2005.

As we gain greater conscious awareness and
experience of Oneness, we are impelled by creative
energies described by Mayan Shamans. Their divined
schedule of unfolding creative energies, what we
know as the Mayan Calendar, affords us ever-expanding
and accelerating opportunities for harmonization and
coherence. This occurs both in our interior world
as well as on all scales of human endeavor.

Dr. Carl Johan Calleman is relaying this prophetic
Oneness story vividly and with a definite purpose:
to align with the evolutionary imperative of Oneness
consciousness, which is as significant as the survival
instinct. This evolutionary drive toward Oneness
returns us to an experiential state of Oneness,
manifested in our dimensional worlds. This is our
work: to anchor deep within ourselves for subsequent
outpicturing the seemingly paradoxical state of
diversity within Oneness.

Carl has produced a very helpful guide for us in
a recent article that describes the energies available
over the next few months, leading toward a "Mid-Light
Meditation" on June 1 & 2, 2005. I strongly encourage
you to study what he offers:

and participate at whatever level feels right for you.


Carl asks as we move toward this prophesized state of
Balance and Oneness, "how do we create an end to dominance?"

If we ask our multidimensional Self this question, which
is in AND beyond "time," we might gain the benefit of advance! In other words, let's first "create"
a deja vu.

"Life can only be understood backwards, but must be
lived forwards."

                              -- Soren Kierkegaard

Let us step forward in "time" to a point where Oneness
is already manifest; where harmony and collective
congruency are sufficiently entrenched so that diversity
flourishes within wholeness. We find that Oneness
burgeoned in this wholesome context of feminine
openness, creativity and inclusiveness synergistically
favored with masculine strength penetrating Creation
with wholesome physical manifestations and firm yet
nimble boundaries. Perhaps the day of our deja vu will
be June 1, 2015, the 10-year anniversary of when we
put the Oneness energies into high gear by massive
collective alignment and concordance.

Looking over our shoulders at how this occurred -- back
to the good ole' days in the mid OOs -- we find that
dominance ended as a consequence of this vast cosmic
dynamic Itself naturally finding internal and external
balance in the manifested worlds. It is clear as a
sunny day, looking at this process with the wisdom of
hindsight: we did not take any specific action to
resist something that no longer served us, i.e. dominance;
instead, we simply moved fluidly and nimbly with the
energies of Oneness: peace, harmony, wisdom, compassion,
love, power, creativity, joy, abundance and adventure.
And we gracefully released anything that was unlike these.

The student asked his master the secret of Enlightenment.

The master replied: Let go.

But master, I need more. Let go of what?

Just let go, the master replied. Striving to achieve
something is antithetical to its realization. BE IT
NOW. You be IT now by letting go of what IT is not.
All else is commentary.

Just like in our private lives when we make positive
change, we don't struggle against addiction, heartache,
or dominance in relationship. Can you dominate dominance?
Trying to dominate an addiction or habit will surely
result in your ass getting kicked by it. Can a war on
war ever succeed? "If war was the answer, we'd be at
peace by now." (* See song link by William Florian, below.)

No; we don't resist, because what we resist persists.

We call forth and resonate with a "being state" that
is aligned with our imminent movement, while allowing
the flow to occur in awareness and joy. Overcoming
addiction is about neurobiologically letting go of the
old habit, and energizing a lifestyle where new,
constructive habits play. Overcoming the factors that
produce war can never be achieved by more hatred,
separatism and violence. How do we overcome imbalanced
masculine-feminine energy that feeds dominance in human
relations and leads to discord and war? Well, we're
doing it, or rather, BEING it now.

We first and foremost move into our own power...where
we cannot be dominated...and out of victim hood. Then,
aligning with the Principles of Oneness, move forward
as the new BEING state is naturally outpictured by the
process of *conscious* co-creation. If we relegate this
most important encounter to a "future" moment we will
continue experiencing the same old pictures projected
on our world stage by our old consciousness.

This paradox resolves only by rising to a higher level
of awareness, where the seeming paradox reveals itself
to be the necessary dynamic (polarity) that is
quintessential to the process of creation. A process
that ebbs and flows, creates and destroys, at the
micro as well as macro level, over eons, but is now
quickening to a fever pitch as the roller coaster of
Life reveals Itself as nothing other than a fabulous
journey in and through the Mind of G-d.

Buckle your inner seat belts; we're about to take flight!


We have about 90 days to enliven this Oneness deja vu and
prepare for a wonderful celebration of its continuing
manifestation on June 1st and 2nd. I would love to
hear any ideas you have for this preparation and
celebration. My next Concordance will be a culmination
of your ideas for the group to
share. I'd also like to have a physical celebration
in the San Francisco area if enough interest exists.

Please reply with your ideas by March 10th.


I AM Mid-Light Celebration!

I AM Wisdom.
I AM Love.
I AM Compassion.
I AM Power.
I AM Creativity.
I AM Multidimensional Balance.
I AM Adventure.
I AM Joy.

Be IT now!

My best,

Copyright 2005 Joseph R. Giove
Permission granted to distributed freely, not for profit
only, provided this entire message is included.


* William Florian wrote and performs an amazing song
called "I'm Declaring Peace." You can listen and download
the song for free at his site:
I highly recommend this song as a mantra for the wonderful
movement in balance.


"I AM":
"New Vibe":

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