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I AM Pure Awareness: Concordance 12.21.04

Good day from,

The starting point for any movement, including moving into the 
posture of balance, is awareness, pure awareness. 

I AM Pure Awareness.

For the next 20 days, as we continue the Gaia meditation below, 
let us heighten our awareness throughout the day and night. 
Let us view our lives from the "observer" in us. Stay aware 
of thought, emotion and behavioral patterns, moments of insight 
or inspiration, pains or struggles, and specifically what stirs 
us inside. This Concordance is making fertile in us the ground 
for laying seeds of wholeness and balance. Observe without judgment, 
without much more detail...

I AM Pure Awareness.

Contemplate, meditate and move with this profound aspect of the Self:

I AM Pure Awareness.

All my best, 

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GAIA BALANCE MEDITATION (Tune in many times throughout the day)

Adapted from "The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of
Consciousness" by Dr.  Carl Johan Calleman.

Imagine your head inside of, or actually becoming, the inner core of
the earth.  Position your eyes at the Hawaiian Islands of this
imagined earth, so that your left-brain corresponds to the Western
Hemisphere and your right-brain to the Eastern Hemisphere.  In this
way you will be fully exposed to the global creation field, and may in
a meditative state, develop a resonance with it.  You could take this
one step further by imagining your head surrounded by the galactic
sphere, with the midplane separating your two brain hemispheres.  Now
visualize and *feel* this macro-level balancing meditation easily flow
into all areas of your body, mind, and life circumstances.  Realize
that each day more and more people are joining you in this Gaian
resonance, so look for and *feel* their presence.  Tune into this
balance many times throughout the day and night.

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