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I AM Multidimensional Balance: Concordance 12.04.04

Good day from,

On December 4th, 2004 we welcome a new cycle on our visionary path:  According to Dr.  Carl
Johan Calleman, the period from this day to November 28, 2005 will be
a time to celebrate and live in balance
Beginning with this Concordance, the focus during this period is on
Multidimensional Balance.

I AM Multidimensional Balance.

We will explore this movement in consciousness together over the next
360 days, in intervals of 20 days.  Each new period we will put forth
a new aspect of Multidimensional Balance with which to create
concordance.  Our focus is to harmonize with the creation energies
rising up in us moment by moment.  Occasionally we may establish a
specific time at which our Concordances will occur, but mostly our
task is to find balance in every dimension of our experience...all the
time.  And of course, there will be millions of unsung heroes the
world over who will be joining us, even if we don't know their names.

No nook or cranny must remain untouched by our intention for balance:
inner-outer, body-spirit, personal-collective, work-play,
play-service, materialism-spiritualism, female-male, child-adult,
action-rest, creativity-rationality, to name a few areas.

Of course, when balance is present, dominance of any one thing over
another becomes moot, as true balance is a higher order than any
polarity condition.  It is the higher order with which we intend to
align, and this will be the surest road to a world of peace, harmony,
abundance, compassion, adventure, creativity and wisdom.  As balance
resides in more and more of us, we create a mighty powerful field
through sympathetic resonance, which affects everyone and everything
else.  It is the power of the Law of Attraction being worked upon by
the fundamental forces of the Cosmos, while simultaneously being
harmonized by us players in the field.  It is our surest means of
manifesting our vision, and it begins always.

So for the next 20 days, let us simply become aware of where balance
is needed in our lives, on all levels and dimensions, and without
necessarily trying to alter anything.  Let us simply affirm our deep
intention to allow balance to flourish in our lives, while we
graciously release crusty old blockages and resistances.

I AM Multidimensional Balance.

During this period, please respond with any suggestions or ideas that
may come to you in this regard, and share them with our Infinity
group, by sending to  Below my signature I offer
Carl's superb suggestion of a Gaia meditation of balance that we can
tune into many moments throughout the day and night.

I look forward to hearing your ideas, and to living in impeccable

My best, 

PS. Please do not reply this this email post, reply


Adapted from "The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of
Consciousness" by Dr.  Carl Johan Calleman.

Imagine your head inside of, or actually becoming, the inner core of
the earth.  Position your eyes at the Hawaiian Islands of this
imagined earth, so that your left-brain corresponds to the Western
Hemisphere and your right-brain to the Eastern Hemisphere.  In this
way you will be fully exposed to the global creation field, and may in
a meditative state, develop a resonance with it.  You could take this
one step further by imagining your head surrounded by the galactic
sphere, with the midplane separating your two brain hemispheres.  Now
visualize and *feel* this macro-level balancing meditation easily flow
into all areas of your body, mind, and life circumstances.  Realize
that each day more and more people are joining you in this Gaian
resonance, so look for and *feel* their presence.  Tune into this
balance many times throughout the day and night.

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