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Election Day Concordance: 11.02.04

Good day from,

This Concordance was co-developed with Michael Anne Conley, a health
psychotherapist and writer who produces The Vision of Hope project, an email
series which honors the rising up of the feminine principle in creating
for the human family and all of life on earth (


An Election Day Concordance: An Axis *Beyond* Division

WHEN: Tuesday, Nov. 2, 12:00-12:30 pm, in whatever time zone you are in.

In the spirit of harmony, we invite you to co-create an alliance of powers
Election Day — the powers within yourself in alliance with those of others.

Embracing Choice

Together we have an enormous opportunity. On Election Day, a nation divided
along political, ideological and religious lines will express its choice.
Apathy seems on the wane, for we are a land of strong and divergent opinion
which direction will best serve the highest good. With only our hope and
foresight into the future, on Tuesday we will ask one among us to embody our

It would be a mistake, however, to think that we are simply choosing a
or even a political philosophy. No, our choice is far more profound, for the
Human Family is truly at a turning point: Are we ready, really ready, to
new ways of dealing with differences and conflict?

Containing Paradox

It is a paradox that unity contains both shadow and light. The very pressure
of wanting our voices and choices to be heard is the same force calling us
concurrently reach for a greater cause. That cause is a living, breathing,
self-aware Human Family that co-exists in love, harmony, integrity and
for differences. Is this not, in fact, what the American experiment has been

In these times of polarization, the challenge we face is paradoxical, as we
learn to contain that which is divisive and separatist in the same breath
that which is in agreement and connection.

Sages throughout history have admonished us to be passionately involved
being detached from outcomes. Like all paradoxes that can only be resolved
gaining a higher perspective, this is our task now. . .and now. . . and now.

It is our challenge in these times:

- To passionately pursue our preferences in this election, while keeping our
personal energies solidly rooted in inner peace and understanding.

- To make choices rather than judgments.

- To ensure that our thoughts, feelings and emotions empower and enliven
what we do want, rather than feeding what we don't want.

- To pour our life force into our passions, while recognizing that all our
brothers and sisters of this Planet Earth have the freedom to do the same,
if their choices oppose our own preferences.

- To acknowledge, appreciate and trust that a higher order intelligence, a
universal life force which thankfully functions beyond our conscious
has the ultimate organizing authority.

Holding Possibility

It is from this place where we will converge in prayer and meditation at
on Tuesday, Nov. 2.

This is the focus of the Election Day Concordance: To establish a posture
within ourselves, an agreement to disagree, while staying in a
place of unconditional acceptance of outcomes. This is a "poise," an
impetus, that ultimately must occur in the hearts and souls of women and men
around the world before peace and harmony can reign in our common

So we invite you on Election Day to gather with family, friends and others
noon in whatever time zone you are in and to create concordance around this
new axis, an axis beyond division, an axis of harmony and congruity in which
join together, holding an attitude that embraces the dynamic of difference
and conflict while simultaneously honoring our intention to move through and
with our differences and conflicts.

With all our best,
Flesymi and Michael Anne Conley

In the San Francisco Bay Area, please consider joining with others:

An Election Day Concordance
12:00-12:30 pm PST, Tuesday, Nov. 2
Lafayette Reservoir (northeast meadow)
(In inclement weather, bring umbrellas and overcoats, for even a stormy day
outside could be an appropriate metaphor on this day of choice.)

For information, contact:
Michael Anne Conley 925.284.2804
Joseph Giove 925.215.4017

“Life will be simple if we practice four basic principles: Show up or choose
to be present, pay attention to what has heart and meaning, tell the truth
without blame or judgment, and be open, rather than attached to, the

— cultural anthropologist and author Angeles Arrien,
    “Four Ways to Wisdom,” found on

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