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I AM Gratitude & Thanks-Giving: Concordance 11.15.04

Good day from,

What a wonderful time of year to be living and expressing
thankfulness and gratitude. If I know members of, this is not something done just in
November and December, it is a lifestyle played out in all
areas of their lives, all the time.

I AM Gratitude & Thanks-Giving

We know that the alchemical marriage of Gratitude and
Intention can beatify water molecules inside and outside
the body (Dr. Emoto:,
can positively condition space and its laws operating in
and around us (, and
is the admonition from Sages of all eras to gain awareness
of the higher dimensions of human existence.

I AM Gratitude & Thanks-Giving

This is a time where we actively engage in noticing and
empowering that which we find soul nurturing and beautiful
in our lives. We appreciate relations, abundance, balance,
healing, beauty, wisdom, activity and wholeness. And, of
course, not just silently but THANKS
in outward and obvious ways. We let our relations, nature
and G-d know in no uncertain terms what we are grateful
for. As it turns out, this is also the surest way for
drawing these wonderful attributes of the implicit,
unmanifest world into the explicit, manifest world, to
be enjoyed and played with by our senses.

I AM Gratitude & Thanks-Giving

So until the next full moon on November 26th (see Celebration
below), let us stay in a flowing, easy state of gratitude,
appreciation, thankfulness and love. And let us INTEND this
state to modify the laws of our own existence and, through
sympathetic resonance, permeate every single atom which
flirts in and with our fields.

I AM Gratitude & Thanks-Giving.

All my best,

A special Thanksgiving event to attend if you are in or near
the SF Bay Area:


 "An Evening Of Sacred Ceremony And Celebration"

Full Moon Friday November 26, 2004 7-11PM

Unity Center 600 Palm Drive, Hamilton Center Novato , Ca. 94949

--The Buddha Maitreya Gong & Crystal Bowls
Harmonic Gonging and Crystal Bowl Meditations

Ceremonialist & Sound Healer

--Anton, Saraswati& Friends
Devotional Music & Singing

--Sing Along with William Florian, Sophia,  Steve Sisgold & Laksmi Devi
Together we will be declaring Peace and More!...

--Estara's Shamanic Dance Ritual Performance
A Vibrational Moving Meditation with Vocal Intonations

--Drummunity with Kim Atkinson & Friends
Participatory World Peace Drumming Rituals... Bring Your Drums

--The Venus Transit: A Mystical Love Experience
We will be presenting our latest Artainment Music Video program Designed to
"Inspire, Delight, Heal & Enlighten..."

--Dance Free
Beautiful Dance music with DJ RonTofanelli VJ Ken Jenkins
with fabulous special effects imagery...

Suggested Love Donations $20
FREE Artainment DVD with ticket.

The Global Peace Foundation

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