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I AM the New Vibe: Weekly Concordance 10.09.04

Good day from,

The Concordance until the full lunar eclipse on October
28th; more info below my signature:

I *AM* the New Vibe!


Today I Googled "Global Meditation" and received 76,700
hits in .19 seconds. It would now be a 24/7 job to
consciously keep up with these moment-by-moment global
meditations. In fact, a meditation as an event may
actually be passé now. Perhaps it was wise, as was
originally suggested in the design of InfinityAffinity
project, that we form a "Be It Now" vision-holders'
network rather than an event-related global meditation

The Light Network must be having an influence: I also
Googled "Good News" and got 13,300,000 hits but
"Bad News" only served up 8,880,000. We still have a
way to go though, as "Bad News" actually had a definition
on, but "Good News" didn't :-(

Seriously, if we, who have an affinity for the infinite
possibilities of the human spirit, know that millions of
people can converge on a prayer or meditation and
increase the probability of that prayer manifesting,
then it seems irresponsible to apply ourselves in this
way only occasionally.

If we believe that the power of our intention and attention
directing our life force can condition and modify the
space and "laws" operating around us, we must discontinue
spinning our energy enforcing the effluence of human
existence...and the very things that we DON'T want...instead
of charging the bright, lovely, wise, compassionate, colorful
aspects of our brothers and sisters and our own greater potential?

This week's Concordance:

I AM the New Vibe!

Be It now, and now, and now...

And please, help us spread It!


PS.  Dress Rehearsal for an Eclipse, from :

The next full Moon on the calendar, after this month’s Harvest
Moon, comes on the night of Oct. 27-28. There will be a bonus that
night: A total eclipse of the Moon.

For viewers in most of the Americas, this shady drama will happen in
the early-to-mid evening hours of Wednesday, Oct. 27. Along the West
Coast the eclipse gets underway at dusk, only minutes after the Sun
has set and as the Moon is rising. The eclipse will also be visible
from Europe, but from there it will occur in the hours before dawn
breaks on the morning of Thursday, Oct. 28.

It is not too early to begin making preparations for viewing the

One of things to consider is the Moon’s location in the sky during
the eclipse. For those who live along the West Coast of the U.S. and
Canada this will be an important factor, since initially the eclipse
will be rather low in the east-northeast sky. Will tall trees or
nearby buildings block your view of the Moon?

You can get a very good idea about where the Moon will be in the sky
during the eclipse by looking for it on the night of Sept. 30-Oct. 1.

During that Thursday night and early Friday morning, the Moon – 2½ days
past full – will be very near (within a couple of degrees) to the region
of the sky where it will also be on the night of Oct. 27-28 during the


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