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I AM Greater Self : Concordance 7.31.04

Good day from

This Saturday, July 31st is a Blue Moon (2nd one in July).

Let us welcome this full moon by committing until the New Moon
on August 16th, to the constant transparency of the self to the
greater Self.

I AM Greater Self.

We are vigilant in our thoughts, words and acts, that they represent
only the thoughts, words and acts of our greater Self. In every
moment we recognize the greater vistas enjoyed by Self, considering It
"knows" what the self knows, plus has the advantage of perceiving the
other 99.9% of reality! The Self is the precognitive wisdom that
actually guides the movement of our lives. Our objective is to harmonize
with It, to enjoy the ride, to stay "in love," to stay aware, and to NOT
become an obstacle to our own greater livingness.

I AM Greater Self.

This cycle, allow your Self to forgive your self, to love your self, to
love (O)others and to intend conscious union with all aspects of the Self.

Please help us spread the New Vibe!

My best,



1. I highly recommend visiting Dr. Carl Johan Calleman's site and 
reading his latest book: "The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation 
of Consciousness." You can read Chapter 8 on his Web site, which I 
strongly suggest. I am about 2/3 through his book and have a much 
greater grasp of the implications of the Mayan Calendar and its 
significance for our times. In fact, there are some upcoming dates 
on which we will be converging our global meditations, based on 
key influences described by the Mayan Calendar.

2. See the movie: "The Corporation."

Here are comments from one reviewer:

It is intense, fantastic, brilliant, timely and timeless. It is a 
better documentary than FAHRENHEIT 9-11, in my opinion, and it is 
packed. It's so packed that the information and evidence contained 
in it are potentially more dangerous to the status quo and as 
effective as Michael Moore's famous film, which asks the public 
to vote this coming November against George W. Bush. Corporate 
America will not be able to argue against or disagree with THE 
CORPORATION like the Right Wing have with Michael Moore's project, 
but you can be sure that they will not allow this to air on any 
corporate sponsored television network. Ken Jenkins

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