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I AM the One Originating Power: Concordance 8-16.04

Good day from,

The Concordance today by early 20th century mystic (and 
judge) Thomas Troward, from "The Creative Process in the 
Individual," originally published in 1915.

I AM the One Originating Power.

From his book, worthy of careful reading and contemplation 
with this cycle's Concordance:

"To use the Creative Process we must Affirm the Creative 
Power, that is to Say, we must go back to the Beginning 
of the series and start with Pure Spirit, only remembering 
that this starting-point is now to be found *in ourselves*, 
for this is what distinguishes the individual Creative 
Process from the cosmic one. 

"**This is where the importance of realizing only one 
Originating Power instead of two comes in, for it means 
that we do not derive our power from any existing polarity, 
but that we are going to establish polarities which will 
start secondary causation on the lines which we thus 

"This also is where the importance comes in of recognizing 
that the only possible originating movement of spirit must 
be Self-contemplation, for this shows us that we do not 
have to contemplate existing conditions but the Divine 
Ideal, and that this contemplation of the Divine Ideal 
of Man *is* the Self-contemplation of the Spirit from 
the Stand-point of Human Individuality.

"Then the question arises, if these principles are true, 
why are we not demonstrating them? Well, when our 
fundamental principle is obviously correct and yet we do 
not get the proper results, the only difference is that 
somewhere or other we have introduced something antagonistic 
to the fundamental principle, something not inherent in the 
principle itself and which therefore owes its presence to 
some action of our own. Now the error consists in the 
belief that the Creative Power is limited by the material 
in which it works. If this be assumed, then you have to 
calculate the resistances offered by the material; and 
since by the terms of the Creative Process these resistances 
do not really exist, you have no basis of calculation at 
all -- in fact you have no means of knowing where you are, 
and everything is in confusion. 

"**This is why it is so important to remember that the 
Creative Process is the action of a Single Power, and 
that the interaction of two opposite polarities comes 
is at a later stage, and is not creative, but only 
distributive, that is to say, it localizes the Energy 
already proceeding from the Single Power.**

This is a fundamental truth which should never be lost 
sight of. So long, however, as we fail to see this 
truth we necessarily limit the Creative Power by the 
material it works in, and in practice we do this by 
referring to past experience as the only standard of 
judgment. We are measuring the Fifth Kingdom by the 
standard of the Fourth Kingdom, as though we should 
say that an intellectual man, a being of the Forth 
Kingdom, was to be limited by the conditions which 
obtain in the First or Mineral Kingdom -- to use 
Scriptural language we are seeking the Living among 
the dead."

So let us contemplate ourselves as an unfettered 
channel of the Divine Creative process:

I AM the One Originating Power...

Pre-existent to the play of opposites.

My best,

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