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I AM Loving Water: Concordance 7.18.04

Good day from,

This cycle's Concordance will be joining Dr. Masaru 
Emoto in a global meditation in/on water on July 25th, 
2004 (all day/night).

This cycle's Concordance:

I AM Loving Water. 

We do not have to wait until July 25th for this meditation, 
nor do we stop on the 26th. Let this be our energetic 
background...our constructive self-talk between now and 
the Full Moon on July 31, with special emphasis and 
awareness of others joining us on July 25th:

I AM Loving Water.

Here is a link to the prayer that will be shared on 
July 25th:

And an interesting page on Water Properties:

Water is an amazing substance, so embedded in our 
experience that we usually take it for granted. We 
live, breathe, work, feel, think, love, hate, worry, 
dream, cry and laugh in water or one of its forms. We 
are water, we are in water and all life as we know it 
is in some way dependant on water for its genesis and 
sustenance. Scientists can help us understand why water 
is so essential to life, but they do not fully comprehend 
its chemical and physical properties, nor do they know 
where it came from, why it exists, or what it means. 
Water is truly a mystery.

We are like an eddy in a turbulent river of flowing 
energy, and our most direct physical sense of this 
energy comes from water, even if we don't recognize it. 
If we get in a hot tub or bath tub, we feel the water 
touch our skin, yet the water is also in our energy field 
that emanates from our bodies. The water is in every cell 
of our body, in every cell of every other body, is the 
life-blood of Mother Earth (rivers, streams, seas and oceans), 
and, according to Dr. Emoto (among others), alive. Our 
purpose this cycle is to FEEL this aliveness as part of 
our local as well as "extended" being...our Oneness Connection.

Once we expand our perception to recognize water as a 
living substance, we are then allowed the privilege of 
consciously intending water to harmonize with higher 
principle...Love...and it does. Remember prior emails 
about the ideal intention to send water? Love and Gratitude. 
Water responds by organizing crystalline structures that are 
Sacred Geometrical and most suited to our biological processes.

That is what this Global Meditation is about. It is about 
sending love and gratitude to water...all our our rivers, seas and oceans, in other bodies, 
in the sky, in the tears of the sad and lonely. This should 
be a kinesthetic meditation where we FEEL our connection with 
water in all its forms and INTEND that it feel our love and 
gratitude. But like with all our Concordances, WE BE IT! We 
are not only the senders of love, we are the receivers of 
love, in a continual play of opposites: Yin/Yang, Alpha/Omega, 
giver/receiver, male/female:

I AM Loving Water

My best,

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