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I AM Divine Love Flow: Concordance 07.02.04

Good day from,

This next cycle, let us continuing flowing and 
expanding in Divine Love. From the full moon on 
July 2nd until the new moon on July 17th, let us 
BE this:

I AM Divine Love Flow.

At noon Pacific time, for 5 minutes, let us open 
to receive the Divine Love Flow, then let us flow 
it back out, like an in-breath and out-breath. 

As before, Infinity member, Jo-Ellen, will be 
channeling Divine Love Flow to this Infinity group; 
our "work" is to open, receive, then intend it through 
us to our world, enlivening and loving all it touches.
Breathe in Love, Beauty, Wisdom and Power; breathe 
out Love, Beauty, Wisdom and Power. 

Of course, the ultimate is to make each breath conscious 
in this way, not just at noon. Whenever you take even one 
breath this way, be conscious of it joining the many others 
in that moment that are in synch with your intention....join 
the silent millions who are raising the vibe on Planet Earth, 
one breath at a time.

I AM Divine Love Flow.

Thank you again Jo-Ellen for this Concordance.

My best,

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