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Special Announcement: 06.19.04

Good day,

I am preparing a Divine Love Flow series for
Infinity members that will start this Summer
Solstice on June 21.

Meanwhile, I just found out that Ammachi, the
Hindu "Hugging Saint," will be offering her Devi
Bhava ("Mood of the Divine Mother" or "Swoon of
Bliss") this Sunday evening in SF Bay area. She
will be in San Ramon this Sunday evening.

Here are the details:

An interview with Amma:

"Young and old, married and single, male and female,
wealthy, impoverished, beautiful, crippled, suspicious,
crazy and sincere—all are welcomed without exception.
And as she embraces each one, chanting softly "Ma, Ma,
Ma, Ma" in each person's ear, the transmission of
compassion coming from her is one steady stream that
never ebbs, never wavers, and her shining face never
registers even the slightest trace of preference or
fear regardless of who kneels before her.

"They say that Ammachi is an avatar, an incarnation of
the Divine on earth. They say that her ego has been
completely destroyed, that all vestiges of identification
with a separate sense of self have been annihilated.
They say when she looks out, she sees only one Self
in everyone."

My best,

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