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Venus Transit Oneness Repatterning, June 8, 2004

A wonderful offer from my dear friend Elizabeth Tobin:

Dear Friends,

In the Spirit of Oneness I invite you to join me
on June 8 2004 for a special Holographic Repatterning
Proxy Group to align ourselves with “the bright impulse
of cosmic energy that is streaming into the mass
consciousness of Humanity” through the Venus Transit.

According to the Oneness Foundation, “On June 8, 2004,
the path of Venus directly crosses over the disc of the
Sun, an eclipse lasting for the space of seven hours.
The energies of the Sun and Venus blend together, and
as these blended radiations make their way into the Earth’s
electromagnetic fields, it weaves the energies of love and
unity into the mass consciousness of the planet.”

This Venus Transit Oneness Repatterning will move us into
resonance with our highest ideals and aspirations for
living our greatest potential as divinely inspired humans.
As we step into the doorway to the Golden Age let us unite
to integrate these powerful planetary emanations so that
we may embody oneness within ourselves and create together
a new earth filled with love, beauty, health, peace and

The energy exchange for this repatterning is on a love
offering basis. I invite you to give what you can,
according to your means and resources.

To register for this repatterning go to:

After the repatterning you will receive a report detailing
your frequency shifts.

I hope you will join with me and people from around the
world as we create a pattern of light to encircle the earth!

Elizabeth Tobin
Accredited Holographic Repatterning Practitioner
P.O. Box 215
Boston, MA  02131
“Uplifting humanity through individuals – effortlessly”

for more information on the Venus Transit and the Oneness
Celebration go to:

About Holographic Repatterning:
Holographic Repatterning (HR) is a process that works with
the Universal Law of Attraction and enables you to create
positive change in any area of your life where you experience
limitation. It is a form of energy work that allows you to
shift what you're resonating with -- effortlessly. This
means that you automatically respond differently to situations
and begin to attract new scenarios and opportunities into your
life. HR combines new physics, psychology and the ancient
energy arts to activate your own healing powers.

About the HR Group Process:
Because HR works on principles of quantum physics, it can be
done in groups from a distance, by proxy. Each participant
benefits from accessing the wisdom contained within the group's
composite energy field and the higher amplitude of coherence
which emerges from the session. The group energy honors each
participant's healing process in an atmosphere of mutual support
and compassion, fostering a deeper connection with self, humanity
and spirit.

The more people in the group, the greater the amplitude to
support our individual and collective frequency shifts. In
groups, two people with a coherent frequency double the force
of one; add just one more person, and the force is squared.
With each person added to the group, the force expands
exponentially, so the bigger the group, the greater the power.

About Participating by Proxy:
Because time and distance are not barriers in quantum physics,
Holographic Repatterning can be done by proxy, meaning from a
distance. When you join a Holographic Repatterning group by
proxy you give permission for the Holographic Repatterning
(HR) practitioner to do the HR sessions for you, on your behalf.
You do not need to be present to receive the benefits of a group
session. In fact, you don't even need to be aware of the exact
time when the session is being conducted.

For information about Holographic Repatterning and the HR proxy
groups go to:

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