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I AM Oneness: Concordance 5.24.04 in Preparation for June 8, 2004

Good day from,

This is such a succulent moment, with so many using
the Venus transit on June 8th to bring Oneness to
conscious awareness. When I remember Oneness, it so
warms my heart, and I know that other warm hearts
are (t)here. We can speculate that there has never
been a moment like this on Planet Earth for such a
grand symphony as this; millions around the world
will be celebrating Oneness this day. We celebrate

This cycle, through June 8th at 3:00 AM to 3:30 AM PST
(11:00-11:30 AM GMT), let us deliver our Life Force to
this constant recognition: first Oneness within ourselves,
then feeling into the depth we share in our Greater Being.

Let our posture henceforth be anchored in a kinesthetic
sense of Oneness, one that allows simultaneous awareness
of Individuality, while being as rich and organic as
cuddling up in bed on an icy winter night.

I AM Oneness. Let us feel this in every aspect of life,
honoring and appreciating the blessings in our lives
while opening to the special energies this event promises.

Below I include a few excerpts from an interesting article
on this transit. Reading this article will help us align
with the millions of others as we participate in this global
celebration of Oneness.

I AM Oneness.

All my best,


Excerpts from: Venus Transit of June 8, 2004  A Breakthrough
of Intuitive Awareness

By Carl-Johan Calleman and Anders Bjarstedt

Full Article at:

There are however many good reasons to believe that the Venus
transit on June 8, 2004, in contrast to at earlier times, will
herald a development of communications between human beings
that is not based on technology. The chief reason is that we
are now at a stage, the Galactic Underworld in the Mayan
calendar, that favours the right brain half and the intuitive
faculties of our mind that are mediated by this. And so, we may
expect that the upcoming Venus transit will launch an era of
communications utilizing mental rather than electromagnetic fields.

This new field, unlike gravitation in the National Underworld
and electricity in the Planetary, will emerge as a synchronizing
field of consciousness favoring spontaneous flow rather than
linear planning. Of course, this intuitive field may to some
extent always have existed, but following the upcoming Venus
transit human awareness of it will increase dramatically. This
field favoring telepathic communication may be the most important
factor in bringing about a harmonizing effect on the Global Brain.
It is primarily mediated by the right brain half that at the
current stage is favored by the cosmos, and may be the field of
communication that turns the Earth into a new being, Gaia

What seems likely is that those that truly want to live in
accordance with the harmonizing new field of Gaia harmonica
should take the opportunity of absorbing the energy of the
Venus transit fully and create such a field amongst themselves.
This absorption includes the communication in our own individual
brains between the logical left brain and the intuitive right
brain, where it is now the latter that will be strengthened.
And so, while it is possible that the new field will be there
regardless of what we do, it is possible that to get an
entrance ticket we need to act as co-creators. Integrating
this intuitive field and unifying the mentalities of the
brain halves, we may also surmise, are pre-requisites for
attaining the Enlightened state in the years ahead. Although
there are a few that may already have attained this state as
individuals, in the case of the Venus transit we are talking
about a major collective push towards that state; Mass

This overall purpose of the Oneness Celebration of birthing
a new field of telepathic communication has consequences for
the type of meditation that we should conduct during this
occasion. If we are open to letting Gaia develop a new field
of telepathic contact, then the focus of the meditation
should be to open ourselves up to this. Given that it is
the right brain half, in resonance with the Eastern Hemisphere,
that primarily will mediate this new field then this fact must
be taken into account in shaping your meditation. If we, in a
meditative alpha state with eyes closed, visualize Light,
Cosmic Intelligence, entering through our right brain, and
then let this form an infinite loop including the left
brain for a sustained period during the Venus transit,
then this would mean that we could enter the new field
of telepathic contact. If this happens we will eventually
come to live in a completely open and honest world, free
of conflicts. This love may be ours if we are open to
the harmonizing effects of the new field!

Full Article at:

At the end of this article is the time for this Oneness
Celebration in different times zone around the globe:

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