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I AM Wisdom: Concordance 05.04.04

Good day from,

One full moon cycle remains before the June 8th transit 
of Venus where we will celebrate Oneness consciousness 
on a massive global scale.

This full moon is a rare synchronicity: a total 
Lunar Eclipse coincides with the Wesak Full Moon (May 4) 
for the second year in a row. You can read more about 
this and other "Great Spring Festivals" at The Star 
Center, by Allison Rae:

We are taking this opportunity to magnify the aspect of 
Oneness referred to as wisdom. Of course wisdom is required 
to experience Oneness. It requires wisdom to differentiate 
Oneness from sameness. Wisdom allows us to see behind the 
charade of separation-consciousness. The forces that resist 
Oneness go to extraordinary lengths to keep the status quo, 
as is evident in our global state of affairs...and it takes 
wisdom to see this for what it is. It requires wisdom in 
our lives to stay heart centered as the slings and arrows 
from this dark force wiz by us with amazing frequency. It 
takes wisdom to realize that only Love prevails, in spite 
of temporary appearances to the contrary.

This week, I AM Wisdom.

Let us tune into this vibration many times throughout our 
days, knowing that in that instant, millions of others are 
doing so as well. The critical mass shift is well on its 
way, and even though the world can seem cold and ruthless, 
there are still those who live solidly in the Light. Our 
world is being rebuilt by these bearers of Light as this 
great transformation continues.

Let us stand up in our strength and wisdom this next moon 
cycle and prepare for the dawning of Oneness.

I AM Wisdom. Let us BE wisdom

My best,

PS. There is still time to participate in the Holographic 
Repatterning Series, "100 Days of Love." This is a remarkable 
opportunity to amplify love in all our relationships:

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