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I AM Gratitude: Concordance 04.20.04

Good day from,

This cycle, until the full moon on Tuesday May 4, we
will express unending Gratitude for those things, ideas
and circumstances we manifest in our lives. We are now
about six weeks away from the Oneness Celebration on June
8th, so in addition to the special manifestations in your
personal life, be sure to express Gratitude for the
manifestation of Oneness in the hearts and minds of all
of us inhabiting Planet Earth now.

This cycle:

I AM Gratitude.

Gratitude and appreciation are amazing postures. Remember
Dr. Emoto's work with the water molecule's influence by
intention? It turns out that a subtle combination of Love
and Gratitude structures the water molecules most beautifully.
Remember this as you "structure" your body-mind complex with
your intention as you proceed with your day. Three very
important announcements on this subject after my signature.

However, just as judgments draw out of others the very thing
that is being judged, so does appreciation and gratitude.
Appreciate the good in others and circumstances, and this
is what will get activated and energized. It is an infallible
rule. Please read the announcements at the end for more on

Regarding this moon cycle, from Maya Del Mar's Daykeeper
Journal ( "This is our second
Aries New Moon, and we have now another opportunity to make
new starts, and to repair those things we may have begun
after the first Aries New Moon on March 20. Conditions are
very different now.

"The Taurus influence, although important then, is stronger
now. Both Moon and Sun enter Taurus within a few hours, and
this means that this eclipse also includes the beginning of
Taurus as well as the end of Aries. Aries works mainly with
ideas, and Taurus with things. Here we combine the two to
generate practical ideas which we will carry into
manifestation. With the Eclipse we can shut the door on
some old ideas, and open to some new ones, which will work.

"Communication is our modus operandi, for the rulers of both
Taurus and Aries, i.e., Venus and Mars, are in Gemini, the
sign of connections. However, as I pointed out above, Venus
won’t catch Mars until next December, so projects begun now
may be a little slow in getting off the ground."

This cycle:

I AM Gratitude. Let this be the new start for this cycle,
as we express gratitude, love and appreciation for the coming
wave of Oneness consciousness!

In love and gratitude,


Announcement One: Elizabeth Tobin is conducting another
Repatterning Series starting May 1 that I am participating
in and would like to recommend that as many from our Infinity
group do as well. The Series is called: 100 Days of Loving
Relationships. Please read about it here: The energy exchange for
this series is only $100 and is small exchange for the vast
energy of loving relationships that will grace your life by
joining this amazing group.

Announcement Two: Dr. Masaru Emoto (water crystal influenced
by intention) will be giving a presentation and book signing
at the Open Secret book store in San Rafael, California
tonight at 7:00PM. Call 415-457-4191 for tickets ($18 in
advance $20 at door, but may sell out). I will be there...this
should be *very* good.

Announcement Three: My good friend Mike Robbins will be
holding a seminar at the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley April
28 from 7 to 9 PM on "The Power of Appreciation." Mike has
dedicated his life to appreciation and it shows in his
approach to life and zest for this subject. The 2 hour
workshop is only $10. Find out more here:

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