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I AM Alignment with Highest Vision: Concordance 2.27.04

Good day from,

This week, I AM Alignment with Highest Vision.

A wee bit late on this Concordance, but it comes to us from Da Vid
at the Light Party (
astrological read from an unknown writer for the next moon cycle
(if anyone recognizes this, please let me know so we can give
proper credit):

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 20. New Moon at 2 Pisces occurs at
1:18 a.m. PST. The New Moon in Pisces is a magical time for
spiritual alignment and deep imagining. Emotional connections
are wide open, increasing sensitivity, compassion and vulnerability.
Uranus, the revolutionary planet, is conjunct this New Moon, adding
shockwaves of high frequency energy that often lead to explosive
breakthroughs, as well as breakdowns. Flexibility enables us to take
this surge of information and apply it in the service of personal and
collective liberation.

We begin today a month of revisioning. During the last Aquarius month
we got in touch with our ideals. Now we develop the visualizations which
will lie behind manifesting those ideals. Our imaginations are very fluid
and exceptionally sensitive to everything around us. It is all grist for the
pictures we are creating which will be models for our activities. It is
particularly helpful now to surround ourselves with things, ideas, and
which positively inspire us. Movies, TV, books, and pictures are extra
now in our lives. Make of all of your life now a collage, a medley of images
reflect how you want to be and to live. Images which we assimilate now will
used that way anyway. Now is the time to make our choices.

Sun and Moon now both conjoin Uranus to stimulate new ideas, new creativity,
new ways of seeing the world. This New Moon is really Uranus grand sendoff
Pisces, escorted by the King and Queen of Heaven. We truly plant the seeds
for Uranus seven-year trip through Pisces. Pisces is a spiritualizing sign.
We tune
into the psychic, nontangible forces of the universe, those forces which
provide the
matrix for life. If our channels are not receptive to those forces, they can
feel very
confusing and misleading. One way or another, Piscean forces bring us
Union is their essence. We can come to ultimately understand that we are all
and that love is the great leveler.

Uranus is an energy of ideas and of ideals. It has an eye on the future, and
very mentally receptive. We have here a highly mentally receptive planet in
spiritually receptive sign, and the sky is the limit as to creative
If we could shift our consciousness into a mode of planetary service, we
begin to envision and to create a "golden" age during these seven years.
the arts and new approaches to spirituality will blossom. Pisces refers to
grand patterns and one of those is the ecosystem. We could come to
and appreciate nature's grand design and our place in it, and invent new
ways to
live in harmony with it. Possibilities are endless with this synergy. On the
other hand,
false prophets and purveyors of false spiritualism can thrive in this
environment. Key:
does a teaching resonate completely with your higher self?

I AM Alignment with Highest Vision.

My best,

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