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I AM Forgiveness, Compassion and Frivolity: Concordance 2.6.04

Good day from,

From now until Feb 20th, let us BE Forgiveness, 
Compassion and Frivolity. 

The power of forgiveness and compassion cannot 
be overstated. It is easy (relatively!) when we 
first move to a state of Oneness wherein we 
recognize that the one whom we seek to forgive or 
offer compassion is none other than our own Self, 
spilt off in a fanatical rage...a Big Bang...where 
our intrinsic Oneness had to be forgotten so that 
we could experience finitude. This is necessary so 
that we can experience the richness of the tangled 
hierarchy of our own vast Self. But, as important, 
it is NOT a past event, but a regularly reoccurring 
ACTION we call life. Realizing this is truly living 
in the moment.

But we needn't wait until we have a near death 
experience or a visit to St. Peter at the Pearly 
Gates to review our lives and FEEEEEL the impact 
we have on "others." We can do it now...move to a 
state of our Greater Self (the 
Alchemical marriage) and revisit our past and 
current relationships with this wholesome perspective. 
At the same time that we fore-give and pour our energy 
into compassion, we must also lighten-up and realize 
that each of us WILL forgive the other once reconnected 
in this Alchemical marriage to the Greater Self. We 
must attend to our forgiveness and compassion with 
serious intent but with a light heart.

This Concordance:

I AM Forgiveness, Compassion and Frivolity.

This week's Concordance is inspired by astrology Jeff 

Here is his reading of this Full Moon in Leo:

Life feels like a weird reality show when the dramatic 
Leo Moon opposes the Sun and Neptune in Aquarius. The 
nebulous one's close proximity to the solar orb favors 
fantasy, forgiveness, compassion and flim flam. Discerning 
true emotions in the midst of one's own opera requires a 
sharp ear and a flexible mind. There's a crying need for 
creativity as old models of relationship bog down. Continuing 
the process of inventing your life, rather than following an 
old blueprint, can feel strange, but is your contribution to 
liberating the potential of the human spirit. 

Also, here is a link to an article, "Do You Believe in Magic," 
by soul brother and one of my favorite writers, Daniel Jacobs, 
who channels the Reconnections...the aspects of ourSelves that 
we have supposedly left behind when incarnating in this polarized 
universe. I highly recommend printing and meditatively reading 
this. Thank you Daniel!

In support of the New Vibe, let us initiate this moon 
cycle by forgiving at least one person TODAY...TOGETHER...and 
move into compassion, love and gratitude, while SIMULTANEOUSLY 
being frivolous in our lives and posture to the world.

In love, compassion and frivolity,


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