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I AM the Heart BEAT! (8,000 Drums) Concordance 3.5.04

Good day,

I just watched a full moon rise in the east while the sun
set in the west, and projected into the future the healing
of Mother Earth on the next new moon (March 21, 2004 at
3:00 PM (NY Time), the Spring Equinox, as 8,000 drums
announce this event.

On this day, an event called 8,000 Drums for Healing of
Mother Earth is occurring.  According to ancient
prophecies, the day when the sounds of 8,000 sacred drums
join together will begin the healing for the Earth Mother,
for all species and the human family.  Elders, Sages and
Leaders of all Indigenous Nations, Peoples and Organizations
will take part in this sacred drumming.

In a WorldPuja WebCast, Jonathan Goldman and Kitaro will
talk of the power of drumming to unit the hearts, minds
and spirits of the planet.  We will next project the
planetary healing sounds of an “Om” to assist in
manifesting peace and harmony throughout the Earth.
Then, with friends, we will drum together to anchor
the energy of the Spring Equinox and join the 8,000 Drums!

Many will partake in this global vibe, and we will
converge throughout the next two weeks on this
throbbing Heart BEAT of the I AM Presence.

This next cycle, until March 22:

I AM the Heart Beat of Love.

My best,

PS. Please check out the latest on Daniel Jacobs'
"Reconnections" site:


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