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I AM the Abundance Ray: Concordance 01.23.04

Good day from,

I AM the Abundance Ray. 

A Ray that shines indiscriminately in and through me. 
For the next two weeks, until February 6, 2004, let us 
bathe in the Abundance Ray.

I AM the Abundance Ray. 

A Ray that reminds us that our Greater Self knows 
only lavish abundance. A Ray that permeates the 
very core of all matter and space. A Ray that IS the 
Divine Substance in all form, and IS the Substance 
in every object of Desire. The activity of this Ray 
continually radiates in and through every aspect 
of my life, shining its opportunity to experience 
untold riches of love, harmony, meaning, adventure, 
inner and outer wealth, power, wisdom and beauty.

Let us claim abundance together in this next moon 
cycle by releasing gracefully all that restricts the 
natural flow of abundance in our lives.
Be aware that we are doing this together, 
as a collective, which magnifies through synergy the 
effects of this Concordance. As we converge in this cycle, 
be aware of the that moment, who 
are aligning with the Abundance Ray. Do this as we recognize 
and express the Abundance Ray in our lives momnet by moment. 

Let us be the Abundance Ray, living our truth, BEING
abundance, and flowing each day in joyous action.

I AM the Abundance Ray.


Mystics are experts in laziness. They rely on it,
because they continuously see God working all 
around them. The harvest keeps coming in, yet 
they never even did the plowing!
                                                    -- Rumi

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