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Concordance Breakthrough Celebration May 15-29

Good day,
The Breakthrough Celebration is finally here. Since May 27, 2006, we've been
performing global meditations every 20 days, culminating in the major
celebration around the world on May 22nd of this month. One week before and
one week after May 22nd , the world celebrates the manifestation of the
balanced Feminine and Masculine energies in our lives and in the world. Feel
it. See it. Touch it. Taste it. Smell it. Hear it all around you. The "time"
has come for humanity to awaken to its oneness. To be sure, oneness is not
sameness. This we feel when we connect together in heart and mind around and
in Mother Earth.
So far over 280,000 people around the world are sharing this celebration
with us. You can view other groups and their activities by following the
links on the CommonPassion site. Through these activities you can join in
heart-mind every day for two weeks, and I encourage you to do so. So many
events are happening around the world that at any one moment you can "tune
in" and be aligned with someone, somewhere, sharing the same intentions for
peace and harmony. 
Here is a list of activities around the world on the 16 days of the
Breakthrough Celebration:
And here is a page, where if you follow the link for "Shared Intention
Agreements," you'll be able to download a PDF of Shared Intentions for
yourself and others.

Below my signature is the Global Concordance for our InfinityAffinity
members. We'll be doing a 30 minute meditation at noon every day for the
15th through the 29th, described below. I will guide three of them via live
teleconference at these times:
Thursday May 17, 12:00 PM PST
Sunday May 20, 12:00 PM PST
Thursday May 24, 12:00 PM PST
Dial-in Number for all calls: 	1-641-696-6600  (Iowa) 		
Participant Access Code:		 0101019#

Corresponding times for the rest of the world:

The guided meditations will likely be 45 mins to an hour. The conference
bridge will open 10 minutes prior to the meditation start time at noon PST.

This is a very exciting time. Many of you have been involved in co-creating
the New Vibe since we started back in 1999. We have much to be thankful for,
and much to look forward to. Our world of social harmony is manifesting
before our eyes.

From my heart to yours, I thank you.

All my best,
Joseph R. Giove



As we begin this journey to Oneness, get a direct sense of the many others
joining in this One Space for invoking and anchoring the Divine Feminine and
Masculine in our our world, for Peace and Harmony. 

Joining us there will be hundreds of thousands of our fellow soul mates from
more than 50 countries around the world. Make their presence recognized at
the level of your *felt* senses. It is real and palpable because Oneness
already exists; we're not creating it...we're just re-membering it. As we
journey together, let us do so from this posture of assumed Oneness. When
you affirm "I AM" you can simultaneously experience this in the personal
sense AND in the collective sense. Stay consistently aware of your present
connectedness with everyone else joining us now.

We begin by closing our eyes and invoking balance within us using a spoken
mantra. This Sanskrit mantra has been vibrationally embedded in the
consciousness field for thousands of years. It has been voiced and intended
billions, perhaps trillions, of times. 

The mantra is this:  Om Hum So Hum. This vibration is concerned with energy,
breath and the placement of consciousness. It is one of the simplest and
most powerful mantras for permanently altering our state of consciousness.
It balances the masculine and feminine elements and focuses their combined

Voice aloud the mantra, and let us sing a song of Oneness to the Cosmic
Mother and Father in us and around us.

Om Hum So Hum (108 times, one mala, about a four minutes)

Next, take three deep breaths, paying particular attention to the feeling of
balance on your exhales. On your long, slow exhales allow yourself to relax
even further. Relax now into Life itself.

Imagine inside you is a massive river, deep, flowing, nurturing, alive with
Mother Earth's liquid nectar...fresh, flowing, loving, healing waters.

Imagine...feel...see that your ***right body is a river that flows with the
energies of the Cosmic Father*** strong, powerful, wise, loving,

Imagine now...feel...see...that your ***left body is a river that flows with
the energies of the Cosmic Mother*** deeply nurturing, creative, inclusive,
intuitive, rhythmic, loving, merciful, powerful.

Along these eternal Cosmic flows in you, they converge...they converge now
in your heart...feel these rivers converging now in your heart...balancing
the Cosmic elements, an alchemical union, becoming One in your heart.

You now have three rivers, the mother river, the father river and the
Oneness river...all flowing in you, seemingly separate and yet converged at
once. Feel...experience how each of these elements can be infinitely
expressed while remaining as One.

And now see this One river in you, raging down through the steep mountain
gullies, flowing down in the peaceful valleys, and out into the ocean. Here
you meet all the other Oneness rivers...flowing into the Big One...the
ocean, a fourth element...yet another level of Oneness. See...feel all
others joining us now in this flow...a fourth convergence on Oneness...two
rivers of Cosmic Mother and Father, flowing into a third of Oneness in us,
and then flowing into yet another One. See...feel how the Ocean is the
Source of the rivers. See...feel how Oneness is the only true reality...the
only source...of all...a Oneness that is the vessel for myriad diversity.

Allow yourself to float in this Oneness, shared by all, recognized in this
moment collectively by those joining in love and intention to be anchors of
Light, Love, Harmony, Abundance and Oneness.

In this liquid womb of Light...let us affirm silently or aloud:

I AM One with the Divine Heart and Divine Mind.

I AM One Voice.

I AM One Breath.

I AM One Heartbeat.

I AM One Consciousness of Pure Divine Love.

I invoke the All-Pervading Light of the Universe, the Supreme Source of All
Life...the omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent Cosmic I AM.

In the name of I AM, I assert my rightful authority as vessels of Divine
Mother-Father and reverently and humbly express perfect harmony, balanced
activity of love, wisdom, power, creativity, universal abundance and

Now we will take three conscious breaths:

* On each full inhale, affirm "I am a divine being."
* Hold the breath for 4 seconds while affirming: "Peace prevails on Earth."
* On each full, slow exhale, affirm "Humanity is a divine being."

Experience this divine being now as we create a web of light around and
through Mother Earth. Let us intentionally lock-in a disposition of peace
and harmony in the web that nurtures every living thing to the extent that
it is ready to receive it.

As we experience our expanded-self collectively, simultaneously experience
the self housed in your physical body. Spend three to five minutes
experiencing this micro- and macro-Self, and how they are concurrently
embedded in and by others....all humans, animals, plants, minerals, light,
water, thoughts, emotions...all of it...all of Oneness.

In the experience of this expanded self, let us manifest the five Intention
Agreements (Concordance), for each of the global target areas: World Peace,
Jerusalem, Darfur, Iraq, New Orleans:

"I relax into the presence of pure love, peace and and around me.
Peace prevails! Thank you Creative Presence for the feeling of oneness
shared *now* in the hearts and minds of all life, all matter, water and
form, and in Mother Earth herself. I flow in my days with love and
compassion in my heart, peace and calm in my mind, balance in my step, and a
sparkle of oneness in my smiling eyes."


"I am One Heart, One Mind, One Love, with infinite variety and diversity of
expression, all operating in a heart-space of compassion, forgiveness and

Visualization: People of Palestine, Israel, Lebanon and Syria, with the two
sons of Abraham, Ishmael and Isaac, leading them, all holding hands while
they form a vertical line on the east coast of Mediterranean. Walking
towards the beach, they look at the descending sun as a symbol of bad days
passed by. As the sun sets, these bad feelings, resentments and hatreds are
released. They now feel compassion, unity and oneness as they hug each
other, the Old City of Jerusalem, the Heart Chakra of the Earth, and the
Earth herself.


"I am.wisdom, right use of power, forgiveness, right-action, collective
strength, overflowing heart and love, healing, solace, sustenance, safety,
security and transformation in light, love and service - NOW."


"I am generous spirit of familial love and acceptance, blessed by peace and
forgiveness, a soft heart overflowing with love, and a constant recognition
of common humanity."


"We connect in Light, as ONE, for the Transformation and Healing of New
Orleans. I am pure in heart, mind and spirit, and live my truth with
courage, integrity and strength." 

Now take five conscious breaths, intending that each one bring you to a
state of full wakefulness, so that by the fifth breath, your eyes open and
are ready to go about your day or night in peace, balance, abundance,
connection and love. Maintain the seemingly paradoxical state of
Oneness...of your larger Self and smaller self at once. Go about your days
with this expanded, connected way of being. Flow with love and compassion in
your heart, peace and calm in your mind, balance in your step, and a sparkle
of oneness in your smiling eyes."


Please print this email for your use during the Concordance.
Please forward to your own affinity list immediately, and when you do,
please remove the >>> marks as a courtesy to the next reader.

Permission granted to copy freely provided this full email and sources are

By Joseph R. Giove, aka Flesymi



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