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Breakthrough Celebration Growing! + Mayan Journey in November

Good day,

Breakthrough Celebration enrollment is going very well: 258,000 worldwide so

and the participating orgs:
Includes a Jerusalem City Hug, World Peace Prayer, Global Deeksha programs,
and a Buddha-Field Experiment. Many more will be joining than sign up, and
many more will sign up as the time draws near. Please tell everyone you know
about this event by referring them to the site. Help
us spread the New Vibe!

I was just contacted by the BBC, Science and History producer, to film one
of our Breakthrough events in London for a documentary they are producing on
meditation. If you know of an event in or near London, please let me know
right away.

I will be producing a daily Concordance for the 15th through the 29th of May
for our Infinity members, and will guide some of them via live

Below is the announcement for the November Mayan Journey to Guatemala with
Tata and Elizabeth we just put together. Now is the time if you want to
experience the Sacred Land of the Maya!
All my best,
Joseph Giove

Having just returned from another amazing journey with Don Alejandro Oxlaj
and his wife Elizabeth, I am pleased to announce that we have arranged for
the final journey of 2007:
November 9th through November 19th
As difficult as it is to explain the sacredness, fun, adventure and richness
of this journey, I do my best on the brochure you can get here:
which also has the journey details and registration information.
The last two journeys filled up in a matter of weeks, so if you want to join
us in November, be sure to register right away. 
This sacred journey will occur during an auspicious time: the transition
from the Fifth Day to the Fifth Night, according to Dr. Carl Calleman
I hope you can join us. Please let me know right away of your intentions.
Warm regards,
Joseph Giove
925 215 4017

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