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Our Common Passion...official launch

Good day,
I invite you to view the next major phase of our work together: 

Do you remember this question posed over eight yeas ago:

If a world peace meditation performed
once a year can help to realize peace
in the world, what would happen if we
did this every day for other exciting
possibilities as well? is the answer to that question.

And you have made it possible. Thank you.

Really, though, our work has just begun. As you'll see when you go there,
together we are launching one of the most ambitious humanitarian projects
ever undertaken. We need your help, in any way you can. More details are on
the site.

Below my signature is a personal appeal to manifest "THE COLLECTIVE SECRET"

Please help us spread the us spread the new Vibe!

All my best,
Joseph Giove, aka Flesymi

PS. The amazing site design and artistry for the CP site was provided by
Birgitte Rasine and Luba Rasine-Ortoleva of The design was
impeccably implemented by the heroic efforts of Marilyn Darrow of, who put everything aside for the last few days to
implement the vision. Thank you Birgitte, Luba and Marilyn for such an
superb job of blending aesthetics with function.

PPS. Check out Marilyn's Flower Mandalas!


Please feel free to forward this message, perhaps with a brief introduction
by you of our work together. This letter is also on the CommonPassion site
as a downloadable PDF. Thank you!


Are you the kind of person who believes you can make a difference in your
future, or do you believe you are at the whim of forces outside your
control? If you believe you can make a difference, then *you know the
SECRET*, that thoughts are things. Our thoughts, both individually and
collectively, influence and create our world.

That's why you meditate and pray for peace and harmony. That's why you give
deeksha. That's why you nurture inner beauty and share it with the world.
You know that we must "be the change we expect to see" in order to make our
world better.

But did you know that the effect of *your meditations and prayers to foster
peace have a scientific basis?* Decades of research show that certain types
of group meditation can reduce violent crime and terrorism in a community. 

When you pray or meditate for peace - in that moment - a young woman is
spared physical abuse, a tourist is left harmless, and a young boy escapes
the clutches of gang violence. Your positive influence isn't obvious because
it made violence not happen, and the evening news only reports what did
happen. However, with your financial donations to this
could change.

We can help you be more effective in bringing to life your desire for a
better world. We do this by organizing, locally and globally, the
meditations and prayers of everyone, regardless of their faith, wisdom
tradition or spiritual practice. Simultaneously, our researchers monitor
indicators of social harmony - emergency calls, crime, socially responsible
investing, etc. - to validate the positive effects of prayer and meditation
on your community. 

We are uniting collective human intention through technology to promote
social harmony at all levels within society.

A humanitarian project this ambitious requires financial resources. Your
donations today help grow our social networking portal, fund our
meditation-prayer studies and develop the technology that organizes millions
of people into a coherent, powerful force of social harmony. Please visit
our site to learn more:

Our inaugural program and study is this May 15th through the 29th: A
Breakthrough Celebration: Compassion to Action. It will be the largest
interfaith global meditation-prayer event for peace ever performed.uniting
over one million people around the world. You can help make this happen.

You can help give birth to a new world.a world of your dreams. A world where
children do not suffer and die of starvation, a world where war-torn
communities thrive in peace, a world where the greater possibilities of the
human spirit flourish, and a world where oneness replaces the sense of

This world already exists in your heart and in your mind. It is our future
because we share it as a common passion. Now is the time to realize this

Please visit and donate $50, $100, $5000 or
more now. If you prefer to mail your donation, please send it to Joseph R.
Giove, C/O CommonPassion, PO Box 2504, San Francisco, CA 94126.

You are instrumental in bringing to life a better world. Thank you. 

All my best,
Joseph R. Giove
Founder, Executive Director

PS. Please donate $50, $100 or more now to move your world in the direction
of unity and peace.

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