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Special Request: Harmony for Humanity; Next Concordance December 13, 2006

Good day from,
In order to continue growing the Infinity Community and fulfill our mission
I need your help. In 2007 we will launch the "Harmony for Humanity" project
as an extension of what we've been doing for the last seven years.
Harmony for Humanity's banner project will be the development of something
akin to a global biofeedback monitor. This human-based global technology
will provide us and every other prayer/meditation group a means of
validating the effectiveness of collective human intention toward the
improvement of social harmony. We will broadcast to individuals and groups a
signal, via cell phones and the Web, that is indicative of change in social
order as measured by change in the level and severity emergency calls and
other social indicators. This system will be called the "Global Coherence
Feedback System" (GCFS) and will cross ideological, theological, cultural
and political boundaries as it unites all those who share the vision of
humanity's greater purpose in peace and harmony. They will be able to see
the positive affect of their prayers and meditations *as it is happening.*
The GCFS will transform belief into knowledge...and empowerment to actively
promote social harmony at the grassroots level.
I will continue seeking funding from philanthropy organizations, but feel we
need to make quicker progress. This is where you can help. If you feel that
you and the world have benefited from our work together; that our Infinity
Community and its global reach has an important part to play in the
unfolding of our higher possibilities; if you believe that a constant
demonstration of "unity in action" through the GCFS will unite disparate
groups into a powerful force for social harmony, then please help me launch
this project. Here is how you can help:
1. Financial. This expansion is beyond my personal means and I would truly
appreciate your contributions. Eventually I will obtain non-profit status
with the IRS, but in the meantime, if you'd like your donation
tax-deductible, I can invoice you for any amounts or subscriptions. You can
then check with your accountant to see if this relates to a job or business
expense. You can go to the Infinity front page and click on the "Make a
Donation" button. You'll be given options to make a single donation or
enroll for a subscription to Infinity for a specified amount every month.
Either or both in any amounts are greatly appreciated since expenses will be
growing and ongoing. Thank you. Please go here to make a contribution:

2. Funding Sources. If you know of any organizations or "wealthy saints" who
might be aligned with this project, please let me know.

3. A volunteer project assistant. Ideally someone with spare time on their
hands, skilled in office systems, email, project administration and who is
Internet savvy. Experience with non-profit organizations and fundraising
would be a super asset. My goal is for this to convert to a paid position
when sufficient funding allows.

4. A top notch Web designer with knowledge of internet marketing.

5. An introduction to people with big lists of affinity people or groups
that we can appeal to for funding and also recruiting prayer/meditation
groups for our pilot studies. Examples would be James Twyman's group, the
EarthDance tribe, Unity ministers, etc.

Thank you so much. Your help at any level or amount is greatly appreciated.

In 2007 we will rock and roll with peace and harmony!

All my best,
Joseph Giove, aka Flesymi
To make a contribution, please go here

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