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Sign up soon for Breakthrough events this week, starting Tuesday!

Good day from,

Three events are listed below that you are invited to join...any or all
(Tuesday, Thursday and Friday of this week). Please forward this to your own
affinity list.

We've been participating in global meditations every 20 days since May of
this year to celebrate and welcome the balanced Feminine into our lives.
This Friday, November 24th, marks the beginning of the 5th Day according to
the Mayan Calendar, a special time of celebration and a unique opportunity
to converge with many others around the world to celebrate and intend peace,
harmony, balance and abundance.

This is a week of celebrating the Feminine...a BREAKTHROUGH of the balanced
Feminine in the hearts and minds of all humans. Please join us.

All my best,
Joseph Giove, aka Flesymi

PS. RE this coming Friday's event: If you want to make the
Tele-Webinar/Roundtable Discussion and Global Meditation that I emailed you
about this weekend, you should register quickly as it's filling up fast
(less than 100 of 500 seats left). If the link below doesn't take you to the
page by clicking on it, copy and paste it (including the .html) into your

To find the time in your local time zone for each event go to



Tuesday November 21, 2006 at 3:00 p.m. EST: Holographic Repatterning:
"Synchronizing with the Divine Plan"

Register here:

Greetings Dear Friends, 

In the Spirit of Oneness I invite you to join in this repatterning to create
new connections for the Divine flow of information and love. 

"Rewiring the Global Brain means a step in the ongoing transformation of the
collective consciousness of humanity paving the way for its enlightenment.
This step taken at this time is [very significant and calls us to rise to a
wider, higher perspective] on reality that by itself leads us in the
direction of the experience of Oneness. If we are able to rise to this level
our own individual processes will be automatically facilitated. " ~Carl
Johan Calleman 

This Holographic RepatterningR group session will be done via telephone and
remotely by proxy. For this repatterning I am holding the intention that I
am working with the Global Brain and the individuals as part of it, to
create new connections for the Divine flow of information and love. As a
participant in this repatterning, I ask that you intention receiving it as a
part of the global brain as well as an individual. 

When: November 21, 2006 at 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time, 12:00 p.m. Pacific Time,
8:00 p.m. Greenwich Mean Time. To find the time in your local time zone go

You have the option of participating in the session live via teleconference
or you can participate remotely by proxy, whichever is more convenient for

November 21, 2006 at 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time 
The phone number to call is: 1-605-772-3500 
Access code: 416169633# 

Please Note: Holographic Repatterning works on the principles of intent and
permission, one must give their permission to be included in this
repatterning and I must have the intent to include them. To remain in
integrity with this work my intent is to include only those people who have
given their permission. Therefore, please do not register someone without
their permission as they will not be included in this session. 

This group repatterning is being done as part of the Mayan Calendar
"Breakthrough Celebration" and to prepare participants for the global
Deeksha and meditation events on November 23, 2006. For information about
these events visit 

The Mayan Calendar offers a timeline for the influx of higher energies which
create opportunities for a shift in human consciousness to unify with the
Divine Plan. Our work is to consciously align with this plan and foster a
new frame of consciousness that quickens the coming Age of Enlightenment. 

Elizabeth Tobin, JD
Certified Holographic RepatterningR Practitioner



Thursday November 23rd at 11:30 am EST: Deeksha Telephone Conference...a day
of worldwide Thanksgiving!

The purpose of this call is to send Deeksha to the Global Mind and raise the
consciousness of humanity. 
We will be joining thousands of others globally, sending Deeksha, Love, and
Thanksgiving to the Global Brain, with the very special focus of raising of
the Consciousness of the Global Mind. Please join us.

Bring your prayers and energy to this WORLD-WIDE Call. Participate in a way
that is most comfortable for you. We have created this call to gather people
to increase the focus of prayer and Deeksha.

Facilitators for our call are: Dr. Carl Calleman, Anette Carlstrom, known
for her powerful and joyful transmission of Deeksha energies, Raniji, US
Coordinator for the Oneness University, and Arthur Collins, Founder of
Deeksha USA and Center For World Awakening.

The planet will be receiving a huge influx of Light. This is a major shift
for rewiring the Global Brain; a big step in the ongoing transformation of
the collective consciousness of humanity. This step is very significant as
it calls us to rise to a new galactic perspective on Reality that will lead
us in the direction of the experience of Oneness. Receiving DEEKSHA and
praying on this day for humanity is very powerful.


Instructions for Deeksha Telephone Conference

TIME: November 23rd at 11:30 a.m. EST. Call in 5 to 10 minutes early.

NUMBER TO CALL: 1-605-772-3500

ACCESS CODE: 416169633# (remember the # key)

Phone lines will open 10 minutes before the session starts.

The session will begin promptly at the scheduled time.

The teleconference call last approximately 60 minutes.

The Energy transfer will continue after the phone call ends.


Friday November 24th, 2006 at 11:00 a.m. PST: 5th Day TeleWebinar with
Roundtable Discussion and Global Meditation

WHEN: Friday, November 24, 2006 
TIME: 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. PST
WHERE: Using your computer & your phone ("tele" - "webinar") 
Tuition: FREE (registration required):

Hello Dear Friend, 

We're thrilled to invite you to attend a TeleWebinar
and Global Meditation, November 24, 2006 at 11:00 a m.. Pacific Standard

All the "panelists" involved in this LIVE Round Table Discussion are coming
together specifically to take YOUR questions about the coming 5th Day,
encoded in the Mayan Calendar. 

Whether you've been aware of the Mayan Calendar for awhile or you're just
starting to look into what it means for your life, this TeleWebinar will be
an exciting, inspiring and educational opportunity you'll want to take part

The 5th Day is about growth, transformation, filters being removed - about
experiencing, discovery and un-learning. It is the time of the great


Each panelist is accomplished in their respective fields: Dr Carl Johan
Calleman, Joseph R. Giove, Elizabeth Tobin and Andi and Jag (details on the
link above). The Round Table Discussion will be an open and spontaneous
discussion with a focus on the 5th Day of the Mayan Calendar. Rest assured
this unique mix of speakers-authors-teachers will produce an extraordinary
90 minutes to experience together. 

We invite you to join us...
Andi Mac & Jag 

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