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Clarified-Rarified-Energized Personal Manifestation Guides for Nov 3rd Concordance!

Good day from,
In preparation for continuing on November 3rd (13 Ahau) the Amplifying Power
of Manifestation, please submit to me your Personal Manifestation Guides
following the *clarified, rarified and energized* guidelines below. Please
get them to me by October 30.
The last Concordance was so powerful, so engaging, so self-empowering, so
manifesting, so connecting and so loving...everything we at stand for. Please participate as actively as you can
this time. We are ramping up to an amazing Concordance on November 23 (7
Ahau), the beginning of the Fifth Day according to Dr Carl Calleman, author
of the "Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness." Remember,
this period is about welcoming...CELEBRATING...the balanced
feminine/masculine energies inside and outside us. The celebration is about
seeing and feeling these energies manifesting in our lives. The Celebration
on November 23 will be shared by many other groups around the world, the
details of which we are planning now. I'll let you know as soon as plans
firm up.
Please send to me your *clarified, rarified and energized* Personal
Manifestation Guides by Monday, October 30. 

Please put *ONLY* this in the subject field of the email: "PMG for [your
first name, last initial]". In the body of the email also tell me your
location, city, state or province and country. This will help me more easily
organize and consolidate the PMGs.
This time we are going to *clarify, rarify and energize* the PMGs according
to the suggestions below:

1. Pick three (3) manifestations you desire to appear over the next *30
days*. Select items or aspects that push your comfort zone but that aren't
impossibly out of reach for you. We can do the impossible ones later :-)

2. Describe each of them with as much clarity as possible in one sentence.
Make it positive, first-person, present tense, e.g., "I AM enjoying my
beautiful, unique view home with lots of windows..." It can be a long
sentence, but make the sentence describe exactly what it is that you shall
see manifest before your senses. Be specific on time lines, quantities,
amounts, descriptions, etc. Use your limitless imagination to see and feel
it as clearly as you can. You may want to start by just writing an essay to
yourself as long as you like, then pare it down to make it a very precise
one sentence statement to share with your Infinity members. Here's an
example from Jane S in the last Concordance:
"I am given a raise to $75 per hour, and an extension of my current
contract, all easily approved and in place by Thanksgiving of this year; my
relationships with clients, co-workers and managers are satisfying,
enjoyable and productive."

See how specific Jane is in her description? It helps the rest of us clearly
see what this looks like to her.

3. Now describe in two to four clear sentences how you will *feel* when you
are actually experiencing the manifestation. Make this also positive,
first-person, present tense. See Jane's completion of this manifestation:

"I am amazed and filled with gratitude for the divine blessing of this
manifestation. We [my clients and I] experience a mutually beneficial
relationship and connect at a heart level. I am joyfully experiencing an
excellent rate of pay, steady work, and a schedule I love. I am experiencing
financial abundance with a sense of ease, freedom and well-being."

Wow, now that's easy to tune into for Jane, isn't it?

Take some time to make your PMGs as clear and specific as Jane's. It doesn't
matter if you're not a good writer, just do the best you can. It is worth
it; after all, you are a co-creator manifesting your life. If you are not
clear about what it is you want, your manifestations will be equally muddled
and dissonant with who you are when they appear. Can you look at your life
and see that this is true:

So please follow these three simple steps for your three personal
manifestations over the next 30 days and get them to me by Monday October 30
so I have time to pull them together and post them on the Infinity site.

Infinity member, Kati D., requested that will use the collective power of
our group to foster peace and Harmony in Hungary. We will do this as well ON
November 3rd. Thank you for the request Kati!

Please see notice below for Dr. Carl Calleman's workshop in So. California.

All my best,
Joseph Giove, aka Flesymi


A Teacher Training Intensive Course November 11 & 12
By Carl Johan Calleman, Ph.D., The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of
Consciousness: Approach of the Fifth Day
This will be a two day intensive course which will prepare you to be able to
teach yourself the cosmological view of the Mayan Calendar and how it
represents a model for human civilization and history from the dawn of time
to the current moment, and on into the critical times of the next few years,
through October 28, 2011. 

Please contact Christina Parker for more information at

Joseph Giove

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