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Opportunity Window for amplifying Power of Manifestation 10.17.06

Good day from,

As mentioned previously, many people around the world believe that October
17th represents an enormous opportunity to manifest your thoughts and
feelings. Of course, this is always the case, but if thousands or millions
also believe this, it can create the window that is expected. So, be
diligent. For the next 72 hours, be impeccable in the direction of your
attention and intention. Hold steadfastly to the thoughts and feelings you'd
like to appear before your senses. 

Many of you who prepared Personal Manifestation Guides are in an optimum
position to play here in these manifesting energies. It is up to you. Play
or not. But why not play? Why not imagine that every thought and feeling
that enters your field will manifest? Let it be so. This is the ultimate
responsibility we possess as co-creators.

Elizabeth Tobin, Certified Holographic Repatterning Specialist, has created
a program to help us all in this regard. Offered on a donation basis, I
highly recommend we all participate in what she has structured for us over
the next few days. Be impeccable. Be a conscious co-creator. Let us usher in
a Golden Age:

The next Global Concordance on the amplifying power of manifestation will be
on November 3rd (12 Ahau). If you haven't already prepared your Personal
Manifestation Guide, now is the time. We'll use it to ramp up the good in
(y)our lives. Soon I'll send details of the specivity and clarity we'll
embrace for the next Concordance.

All my best,

Joseph Giove, aka, Flesymi

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