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Please mark your calendars: Sunday 9.24.06 (12 Ahau)

Good day from,
The next three Global Meditations (9.24, 10.14 & 11.3) will be about
amplifying the manifesting power of our visions for personal and collective
enjoyment. Ours at InfinityAffinity can be viewed here: 

The time from thought to out-picturing is shortening, and we experience this
as the speeding up of time. It is *we* who are quickening; time is our
perceptual measure of this dynamic. 
What are your personal visions? Be sure to get very clear about them as we
proceed. We've been welcoming balanced feminine-masculine energies over the
last few months. Now it's time to apply that balance, as a group, for our
individual and collective good.
Just a few seats left on the Sacred Journey to the Land of the Maya, see
All my best,
Joseph Giove, aka Flesymi

January 27th through February 5th, 2007

Adventure, Exploration and Healing
with Mayan Elder and Shaman Don Alejandro Oxlaj

Come with us to the heart of the ancient Mayan Civilization in Guatemala. 

Only 15 people will be joining our tour so be sure to register soon.

* Explore the ancient city, temples and pyramids of Tikal

* Experience the healing power of the earth with a sacred water ceremony at
the magnificent La Candelaria Caves

* Be initiated in traditional fire ceremonies at Tikal and Lake Atitlan, the
ancient center for the Mayan studies in mathematics and astronomy

* Journey through untouched rain forests

* Bathe in the volcanic mineral healing waters in the Zunil area in

* Tour the natural beauty, art and colonial history of Antigua

* Receive a private session & reading from Shaman and Mayan Elder Don
Alejandro for life purpose insight and healing

For a full 8-page color PDF brochure email a request to Joseph at 


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