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Please your Calendars: July 25 & 26, 2006

Good day from,
The next Global Concordance focusing on inner and outer peace, with a
special emphasis on the Middle East, will be on Tuesday and Wednesday, July
25 and July 26th, depending on your time zone. I'll be emailing the actual
meditation shortly, with TeleConcordance information as well.

I am pleased to announce that Dr. Carl Calleman (,
author of "The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness," will
be joining us on the TeleConcordance. He will be discussing the significance
of the Mayan Calendar and these Ahau days on which we have been and will be
performing global meditations every 20 days until May 22, 2007.

You may want to regularly check the Breakthrough site for additional
information and events happening in your area here:

Please join us in co-creating a positively-intentioned world of living

All my best, 
Joseph Giove (aka Flesymi)


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