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News was incorrect; only one miner survived

Apparently a misunderstood conversation, overheard between rescuers and the
command center overseeing rescue efforts, was prematurely relayed to the
families. Only one miner actually survived.

This thought is still valid:

Laugh...and the world laughs with you.
Cry...and the world prays for you.
You are never alone in a connected world.

A nation prayed for the miners and their families over the last few days. A
nation now shares in their deepest fear and grief. 

We cry for their loss.

We feel their pain.

We pick ourselves up, hold those who made their transitions in the light of
higher wisdom, and trust in divine order...until those grieving can do so
for themselves.

All my best,


Horrific Reversal; Only One Miner Survives Family members learned early
Wednesday that 11 of the 12 coal miners who were 
initially thought to have survived an explosion in a coal mine have died.   


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