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Special Announcement: "Isn't It About Time?" 11.11.05

Good day from,
The Be It Now! Vision Holders' Network is the result of a 
series of visions I have had over the last 15 or so years. 

The word "vision" though, doesn't really capture what I experienced. 
I call it bi-location, wherein I experienced dual realities 
simultaneously: the ordinary one we all know about, and one(s) of 
possible "futures." These were direct experiences of the notion 
that all time is eternally present: past, present and future 
coinciding in one eternal NOW.
Whereas others may see some aspect of the future, I *feel* it. 

Whereas others may see pictures of what the future may hold, often 
bleak, fearful, gloomy; I experience in the core of my being, my 
very cells, what it feels like to go through massive waves of change and 
transformation that would otherwise feel like death and annihilation. 

But I, I thrived. In my prophetic experiences, there 
wasn't death or annihilation; there was deep, very deep transformation, 
very positive transformation that literally ushers in a new world, 
from the inside out. It was very scary to me at the time, with no 
one safe to share the experiences with, and being a more mainstream 
engineer, it took several years to bring some sense of order to 
these extraordinary other-worldly understand "time" 
differently, not as along some linear continuum, but in a way that 
could explain what I was experiencing.

I was either blessed or cursed, depending upon which slice of my 
life I look at, with a vision for the future that we can all believe 

InfinityAffinity was born out of these visions, but it did not feel 
like "my" vision. It felt like *ours*. 

My soul, after a few years of digesting and assimilating, growing bored 
and impatient, said to me, "Isn't it about time?" I understood in no 
uncertain terms. In 1997 I began articulating those earlier experiences 
and the result was the release of the InfinityAffinity Global Meditation 
Project in 1999. 

Now it's about time for Stage Two.

Change is upon us, and change equals stress. Change is always happening 
of course. But it feels like the faucet of the Life Force is being 
opened more and more so that *we* (as One) can be conditioned as 
suitable vessels for the all-pervading Creative Intelligence that 
breathes us, moves us and loves us. As Terrance McKenna says, "it can't 
just reveal itself all at once; we'd be fried!" This is no victim position 
however; it is not happening TO us, it's happening THROUGH us. *We* 
are the change!

This is why I've developed the eCourse I announced in the last 
Concordance, "*I AM* the Shift of the Ages." This eCourse is not just 
me offering a means of change and stress mastery, a means of 
understanding that thoughts and feelings affect the body, the life, 
the world...and a chance to co-create our future deliberately and 
with thrive anew.

I've also partnered with a remarkable team of visionaries, healers, 
scientists and teachers to help you work *with* the forces of change 
while transforming stress into a positive, productive influence in 
your life.

My prayer is that you don't let the forces of stress, turbulence and 
change in the larger world destroy the beautiful power you have 
within. Your inner world is the stage where transformative energies 
play their music and take hold. Will you let the world hear that 
unique melody playing inside you?

You can read about the new eCourse: Thriving *Through* the Shift of 
the Ages, Stress Mastery for Rapidly Changing Times" here:

Remember, you are the most powerful, passionate and intentional 
agent for transformation in your life. Seize this opportunity now!

And please, help us spread the New Vibe!

All my best,
Flesymi (aka Joseph Giove)

PS. Perhaps you know someone who is struggling to put their own 
transformation and change into a context that is life-enhancing and 
self-empowering. Will you please tell them about us and the new 
eCourse? It might be just what he or she needs now.


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