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Jan. 11: Creating Coherence for Global Awakening and Oneness

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Creating Coherence for Global Awakening and Oneness:

Living in the Light

January 11, 2008
11:11a.m. ~ 1:11 a.m. Eastern Time
8:11 a.m. Pacific Time
Followed by Ilahinoor Transmissions with Karen Anderson, Barry Martin and
Arthur Collins


We invite you to join with spiritual teachers and fellow peace keepers to
create Oneness and Peace on our Planet. This distinguished panel has been
carefully assembled to explain the coming shifts and how you can facilitate
your own smooth transition through this time of profound change.
And start Living in the Light!!!
2008 will be a year of unprecedented evolution and spiritual growth on the
planet. We are witnessing undreamed of opportunities to awaken as an entire
race. This call will be the first of a yearlong series designed to guide you
into actualizing your full potential on behalf of all creation. The time to
awaken is now, the need is now and the opportunity is now.

Learn what this means from the social and political levels from
representatives from the World Movement for Global Democracy and Common
Passion. Special guests Rob Wheeler and Joseph Giove will share some
happenings from other groups around the world.
We are very honored to share new insights for working energetically through
the planet with the Hopi, Mayan, Kogi and other Elders, in their dedication
to healing the earth. We will share some very practical steps each of us can
take to help contribute to their ongoing service to Nature and Mother Earth.

Many spiritual traditions have prophesied this time as a moment of
opportunity to realize our own Natural Divinity. This is both a deeply
personal and a global transformation, requiring insight on many levels to
make this transition smooth and comfortable. Our panelists have been guiding
people through this period of human evolution and transformation. They work
with people in their day to day lives as well as on a global scale to
establish new social structures to support this Golden Age.
To help you maintain the light we are sure everyone will experience on the
call, after the call Karen Anderson and Barry Martin will lead a wonderful
session to take the callers who wish to go more deeply into the beautiful
and wonderful nature of Ilahinoor. Ilahinoor is a most sacred energy and is
available to each and every person on the planet. Ilahinoor is touching
lives throughout the world, and is available for you after the call.

As an awakened being becoming more and more conscious in your role in the
global co-creation, you are invited to explore with us what to expect and
how you can flow with the upcoming year. You will be learning this global
evolution means and how it is affecting our bodies, our brains, and our day
to day lives. On the call you will participate in powerful group meditations
and the Resonance Repatterning® process and experience the power of
collective, coherent intention as a means to raise the collective


Meet our panelists selected for their dedication and service to humanity:

Arthur Collins, M Ed founder of

Joseph Giove, founder and executive director of

Ganambika Amma, representing H.H. Sai Maa

Karen Anderson and Barry Martin

Bishop Michael Milner, religious scholar

Elizabeth Tobin, JD Certified Resonance Repatterning® Practitioner

Rob Wheeler, International Steering Committee; World Movement for Global
Democracy (WMGD)

Kiara Windrider and Grace Seers: Author of Deeksha: The Fire from Heaven

The call is free, except for your call in phone costs. All the guests are
offering their time and love and knowledge as a gift of loving service to
Humanity. We do encourage love offerings to our guest speakers'
organizations at and and

To register for the Ilahinoor please visit:  The normal cost for this
fund raising program is $25.00 (US) although all are welcome and no one is
ever turned away. For January 11th we will use the same line as the World
Peace Tele-Conference


This will take you to a page where you can register and receive the
Telephone Number and PIN for the conference call.

INVITE A FRIEND The more people who receive this information and experience
the transformative shifts from this teleconference, the greater the
amplitude to support our individual and collective evolution. With each
person added to the call, the force expands
exponentially, so the bigger the group, the greater the power.
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