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Global Concordances: Solstice to New Years

Dear Vibe Tribe,

There are remarkable convergences between now and the end of 2007. Nearly
everyone is feeling the effects of them in some way. Let us participate
actively and use these heightened energies toward our personal and
collective fulfillment.

At virtually any time in the next 10 days, you can tune into the global
heart field and feed and be fed by it. Here are some highlights:

1. The energetic festivities begin tonight (Thursday) at 6 PM Pacific time.
You can tune in from wherever you are to a free TeleConference focusing on
our emotional body. That's the topic of our Holiday Spa for the Soul session
tonight, details below my signature. We will be ushering in the energies of
the solstice, shared by indigenous peoples around the world, and initiating
other global meditation/prayer events. Whether or not you can join the live
call, join in the Vibe and share this heart-space with us.

2. Sat., Dec. 22, 2007, 1:08 A.M. EST (10:08 PM, Dec. 21 PST; 06:08 Dec. 22
UT), marks the solstice-the beginning of winter in the Northern Hemisphere
and summer in the Southern Hemisphere. There is a unique alignment,
summarized graphically by Dr. Buryl Payne:

From his site:

Around the solstice the Earth will be lined up with Mars on one side of the
Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Pluto on the opposite. Plus, the Galactic Center
is in this line up.

The Galactic Center is the center of our galaxy, called the Milky Way, which
has an estimated 2 billion stars in it. If we could see it, then it would be
perhaps as bright as a hundred-thousand stars. It is the parent star of our
galaxy. There are several billion other galaxies in the universe so far
known. Six months from now, at the summer solstice (in the Northern
hemisphere), Earth will be on the same side of the Sun as the galactic
center. At these times there is an extra amount of galactic center emanation
available for humans.

The Moon is also full and conjunct with Mars (December 23; remember the
lunar effects are often present one or two days before the actual

Also, it's important to realize that the tiny points we localize as a planet
is only the center of a much larger 'aura', 'magnetic field', 'vortex in the
ether', or whatever you chose to call it.

Solar activity will most likely increase during these few days, even though
it is very low right now.


These alignments have great significance, not only in terms of their
historical influence but also the alignments in the field of cosmic energy
in which we are embedded. Our bodies are finely tuned detectors of these
energies and the field of oneness that we align with and contribute to in
our Global concordances.

Dr. Payne is calling for this time to be a reconnection with Mother Gaia and
a return to balance.

3. On Saturday, December 22 at 9 AM EST is the World Peace Prayer Society
and Club of Budapest's "Global Peace and Mediation Prayer Day" to:

Gather in prayer and meditation
Celebrate a dawn of growing light 
and ignite the era of Peace 
and goodwill on Earth.

Please join us by learning more here:

4. Thank you Infinity member Lisa C. for the link to this amazing uTube
video on coherent flow:


Stick to the end of it to see the extraordinary figure the birds co-create.
Imagine if humanity was to do something similar, metaphorically speaking,
through telepathic communion... Acting in concert on behalf of all Life!
Nature teaches us all we need to know about what is possible.

Enjoy the Vibe, and I'll see/feel you there/here!

All my best,

PS. I am offering a TeleClass on "How to Keep Your New Year's Resolution"
Learn more here:
If you want to help me jointly market this class, please email me for


Free Teleconference Details:


Thursday December 20th: Emotional

Thursday December 27th: Spiritual


(605) 772-3400, access code 590-208-504#

Alt number if the above fills up:

(605) 772-3500, access code 414-087-751#

You can call in 10 minutes early.

WEEK THREE: Thursday December 20th: Emotional

This session helps you maintaining emotional balance and health during the
The holidays can be a challenging time emotionally where old pain and grief
come  to the surface, particularly loss of loved ones as well as family
patterns getting activated. Elizabeth will do a mini repatterning on
releasing grief. Joseph will  guide a meditation on experiencing joy.

WEEK FOUR: Thursday December 27th: Spiritual

"Emerging Into the Light" Elizabeth will perform a mini repatterning on
Joseph will guide a sacred inner journey and meditation on global

We hope you can join us. Let's bring high vibes of balance and joy into our

Happy Holidays,

Joseph Giove

PS. While this program is offered free of charge, your financial support of
InfinityAffinity and CommonPassion is greatly appreciated.

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