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Reminder for tonight: A Holiday Spa for the Soul, TeleConferences beginning Dec 6th

First Session in the "Spa for the Soul" tonight at 6 PM PST, 9 PM EST.
Details below.


We will have weekly, hour-long conference calls each focusing on four key
areas: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Each week you will be
given tools, techniques and modalities to help you throughout the season and
into the new year.

On the following dates, the calls will be at 6 PM PST, 9 PM EST, for one

Thursday December 6th: Physical
Thursday December 13th: Mental
Thursday December 20th: Emotional
Thursday December 27th: Spiritual


(605) 772-3400, access code 590-208-504#

Alt number if the above fills up:

(605) 772-3500, access code 414-087-751#

You can call in 10 minutes early.

WEEK ONE: Thursday December 6th: Physical

This session is about balance and moderation during the holidays and
focusing on maintaining physical health through exercise and moderate
eating: a big challenge for many during the party season. It includes a
resonance repatterning by Elizabeth Tobin, Certified Resonance Repatterning
Practitioner ( on bringing people into resonance with
moderation and maintaining their health routine. Joseph Giove
( will guide a hypnosis and visualization program to
foster a strong foundation to begin the season.

WEEK TWO: Thursday December 13th: Mental

Elizabeth will do a mini repatterning to help folks stay relaxed and
centered. Joseph will guide a deep relaxation and mental de-stressing

WEEK THREE: Thursday December 20th: Emotional

This session helps you maintaining emotional balance and health during the
holidays. The holidays can be a challenging time emotionally where old pain
and grief come to the surface, particularly loss of loved ones as well as
family patterns getting activated. Elizabeth will do a mini repatterning on
releasing grief. Joseph will guide a meditation on experiencing joy.

WEEK FOUR: Thursday December 27th: Spiritual

"Emerging Into the Light" Elizabeth will perform a mini repatterning on
enlightenment. Joseph will guide a sacred inner journey and meditation on
global enlightenment.

We hope you can join us. Let's bring high vibes of balance and joy into our

Happy Holidays,
Joseph Giove

PS. While this program is offered free of charge, your financial support of
InfinityAffinity and CommonPassion is greatly appreciated.

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