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30 Days Update + Planetary Grid Transmission on Full Moon

Dear Vibe Tribe,

Just a quick note to let you know that we're compiling results from the 30
Days of Peace program and will share them with you as soon as we can.

Also, below my signature, just in (thank you Eesha!). Let's play in this
Light in the Full Moon tomorrow!

See/feel you in the Vibe...

All my best,
Joseph Giove


Full Moon Friday, October 26

• A full 24-hour transmission period
• Unified Meditation in 3 world times: New York  9 pm,  Paris  8 pm, 
Sydney  8 pm
• Planetary Focus: The Ring of Fire Region

Pure human intentionality is combined with a massive crystalline energy
structure. Referred to as the Crystalline Grid and the Grid of Unification,
this structure is a highly advanced new earth energy system which covers the
entire planet. This newly activated grid serves as the transitory bridge
between consciousness paradigms.

The combined power of these two forces come together every new and full moon
for a full 24-hour transmission period... this is termed, the Planetary Grid
Transmissions. From this unified field, participants can expect to receive
strong infusions of light which accelerate clearings, healings, openings and
spiritual activation.

Through consistent sacred union on the grid, we are co-creating a vast
worldwide web of heightened divine power and momentum. Many people are
already reporting increased telepathy, vision and synchronicity in their

Everyone is inspired to create their own network channels and help spread
the word.

More human participation = more grid activation and power = more
stabilization for humanity and the earth during her dimensional shift.

The Planetary Grid Project is helping to birth the new world consciousness
and bring stabilization to the process. It is also helping all those that
participate with developing skills of higher consciousness.


1. Connect to the grid through the heart. Remain in Love the entire day.
Open to receive that which is in your divine alignment. Also serve as a
portal and transmit love (and the grid energies) to your family, established
network, earth and humanity. You can also be more specific. It is not
necessary to understand, analyse with the mind. It is inspired to be simple
and surrendered, with the unified field and in a state of BEingness and

2. We link together as ONE soul family. We are connected to each other
through our own crystalline energetic template. We are linking our bodies of
light and creating a geometric, highly tuned merkaba light field. Many
people feel a strong sense of unity all day. Stay connected to the grid, the
field. It is especially strong during the Unified Meditations. You will be

As a collective field, we are sending Love and the intention of
stabilization to the Ring of Fire region, see map below.
You are Divinely and cordially invited to place this area known as the Ring
of Fire within your Heart Centre. To draw forth this energy that is being
utilised by Mother Earth for this transmutation and transfiguration of the
old Lemuria, holding it in peace and surrounding it with God's Love and of
the nurturing Mother.  These energies of balance between the masculine and
the feminine are extremely important for the New Erthe to appear before our
very eyes.  The New Lemuria is about to rise, we are all feeling this now
more than ever and to do this we are being asked to see it take place in
Balance, Harmony, Grace, Abundance and of course Unconditional Love.  Once
you have visualised the Ring of Fire within your Heart centre, breathe
Divine Love into it encompassing all of the multi-dimensional facets of
these changes, knowing without any shadow of a doubt, that all is in Divine
Order and Divine Love and in accordance to Divine Will.  With a combined
focus around the world, Mother Earth shall do the rest.

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