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Good day,

As the 30 Days of Peace continues with amazing connections, oneness and
shared experiences, I'd like to invite you to the CommonPassion Forum:

WE have some very interesting topics and people we share with, and we'd like
you to be one of them!

Here are some current topics:



30 Days of Peace: A Celebration of Oneness, Intention Agreements Discussion

30 Days of Peace Sept.-Oct, Experiences

Global Eden Program

Eden Event-Tree of Life Conference Experiences


Breaking Through to Our Co-Creative Future


Measurable Effects of Social-Environmental Harmony

There are some fascinating discussing threads and wonderful insights by many
people around the world.

Please join us in co-creating a world of social and environmental harmony.

All my best,
Joseph Giove

PS. Be sure to tune in to our Global Mediation/Teleconference on Wednesday
Oct 3 to hear Barbara Marx Hubbard talk about Conscious Evolution and guide
the global meditation! Details are in the NEWS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS section of
the forum.

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