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Need immediate help with simple web project

Good day all,
So sorry to intrude with a non-Concordance issue, but I need some immediate
help for a simple web project. 
It's the next generation of our global meditation effort:
The design and template is built, there are about 25 pages where the content
needs to be dropped in, linked throughout, with some minor HTML changes for
form submissions, and 4 PDF download files.
My current web designer cant' get to it for a week, and I need it up now.
Since he told me this a week after he was supposed to get it up, I am
looking for a new person.
If any of you affinity folks have the skills and time to dedicate to this
now, please reply to me at:
and I'll send you the details so you can bid on the job.
This is Phase 1 of the project. There will be much more work coming behind
this for the right person, so if the project interests you, let's talk.
Thank you,
Joseph Giove
925 215 4017

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